A remote island in Ireland is hiring 2 people to live there and run its coffee shop and guest cottages

The owners of Great Blasket Island's cafe and guest houses are looking for a duo who are hardworking, trustworthy, and have great people skills.

The world’s oldest restaurants

Eating at a restaurant involves so much more than food. Ambiance plays a huge role and so does history. These restaurants across the world have stuck around for good reason. They’ve got it all and some even date back a millennium! Have you visited any of these iconic spots?

The world's McDonald’s menu items you're missing out on

Did you know McDonald’s in Canada sells poutine? Or that you can get a Mango McFlurry with your Big Mac in Malaysia? From Corn Pie and Matcha Red Bean Layer Cake to McSpaghetti, here’s what you can get at McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

These cocktails taste like that vacation you had to cancel

Food hacks the stars swear by

As if being wealthy, gifted and successful isn’t enough, the rich and famous love to share their hidden talents in the kitchen too. Here’s what the stars cook to woo, treat themselves and stay healthy.

Ice cream Keurig? ColdSnap, which whips up soft-serve ice cream, smoothies like a Keurig, unveiled at CES

Here's a reason to us all scream for ice cream: a new device showcased at CES 2021 can whip up frozen treats just like a Keurig does for coffee.

Don't let the wrong wine ruin your veganuary

Over half a million Brits have pledged to follow a plant-based diet throughout January. Helen McGinn gives her verdict on a selection of wines suitable for vegans.

You'll wish you knew these food hacks sooner

From getting the most out of leftover pizza to pimping your mac 'n' cheese, these handy hacks really cut the mustard.

This New Coffee Has Serious Health Benefits, Science Says

Food scientists have developed two probiotic-rich beverages, including fermented coffee, designed specifically for boosting gut health.

Feed your nostalgia with these classic desserts

Have you ever wondered what desserts people were craving in the past? Here are some of the most popular desserts from the 1900s to the 1990s.

Interested in a book or album you saw on TODAY? Here's where to get it

All the books and albums you've seen on TODAY.

A Chinese restaurant has gone viral for its searingly honest dish descriptions: 'This one is not that good'

"Comparing to our General Tao Chicken, this one is not that good," the menu reads. "I am not big fan of North American Chinese food, it's your call."

13 cocktails that taste like a vacation in a glass

All-Clad is Having a Site-Wide Sale and We’re Losing It

Save 70% on this top-of-the-line cookware.

The Gobi Manchurian Recipe That Transports Chef Asma Khan Back to Her Childhood With a Single Bite

Looking for a new plant-based dinner recipe? This Indo-Chinese dish just might become your new favorite.

Nigella reveals her best cooking advice

British author, cook and television personality Nigella Lawson has just released her latest cookbook, Cook, Eat, Repeat, accompanied by a BBC TV series – and it's like she's right next to you in the kitchen. There's nothing cheffy or pretentious about Nigella and her fans love her comforting, conversational style. She says: "Food, for me, is a constant pleasure. I like to think greedily about it, reflect deeply on it, learn from it..." Read on for some of her great cooking tips and tricks.

Slow Cooker Hacks You Need to Know About

As if you needed any more reasons to worship the humble slow cooker, here are the hacks that will make you even more grateful for its existence!

We cooked from the Dinnerly meal kit. Here’s what you need to know

Meal kit services have been around for years, but there are so many options that it can be overwhelming to figure out which one to choose. To help cut through the noise, I tried nine different meal kits that cater to various types of home chefs so you don't have to. I’ll be posting an honest review about my experience with a different meal kit every Monday. People sign up for meal kit services for a plethora of reasons: to improve their cooking...

Reach Ketosis In An Hour With This Real Ketones Drink Mix Powder

Reach Ketosis In An Hour With This Real Ketones Drink Mix Powder

Chef Maricela Vega Shows Us How to Love Eating Plants In the Winter

The secret to creating delicious, filling vegan meals in the middle of February? Do like the ancestors did—work with what you got

8 Ways You Never Thought to Use a Colander

This list of colander uses proves that there's more to this handy kitchen tool than draining pasta. The post 8 Handy Colander Uses You’ve Never Thought of Before appeared first on Taste of Home.

Fast food brands popular in the decade you were born

Do you remember McDonald’s before Ronald McDonald? Was Arthur Treacher’s still a hit when you were growing up?

They've been grappling with COVID-19 for a full year now. Here are their stories.

Residents, business owners, and frontline workers in Snohomish and King counties have been grappling with COVID-19 for a full year now.

25 things that may be gone by 2050

Popular foods launched in the year you were born

Ever find yourself craving your go-to childhood snack or lunchbox favourite? From sugar-coated cereals and candy bars to quick TV dinners and fast food classics, the food we ate growing up holds a special place in our hearts and stomachs. Here, we've eaten our way through the decades to bring you the crowd-pleasing foods that were launched the year you were born.

Surprising facts about America's most popular dishes

Do you know how many wings are eaten on Super Bowl weekend? Or the reason why graham crackers were invented? Here we take a look at fascinating and little-known facts about America’s most popular dishes. Get ready to find out a mind-blowing kernel of knowledge about corn on the cob, why we started eating hot dogs in buns and more.

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

17 Vegan Desserts to Make This Winter

Trader Joe's Most Popular Item Is This $2 Sweet Chili Sauce

It's the top purchase in 13 different states!

The 50 most Instagrammable places in the world

Read on to see the full list, published here in reverse order, and decide which place in the world you'd most like to visit for a spot of 'gramming once travel is back on the agenda.

Make-Ahead Monday: Slow-cook chicken to use in 2 healthy dinners

Kevin Curry cooks up smoky, spicy shredded chicken in the slow cooker and serves it stuffed in roasted bell peppers.

These 55 popular products are still made in the US

Birthday Gifts for Mom That She'll Treasure For Years

We guarantee she'll love our picks.

13 Foods That Make Your Skin Worse, According to Dermatologists

We spoke to several dermatologists and asked them to name foods that can cause or exacerbate skin issues—and there are many.

The Most Hated Fast-Food Chain in Every State

Have you ever wondered what your state's favorite and least-favorite fast-food chains are? Here are the most-hated fast-food chains in every state.

32 Cult Favorite Items From Costco

Like an eight-foot-tall teddy bear, for one.

Make chicken tinga and use leftovers for stuffed peppers

This Make-ahead Monday, “Fit Men Cook” founder Kevin Curry joins TODAY to share his chicken tinga recipe and then uses leftovers for a burrito-style stuffed pepper.

50 slow-cooker family recipes under $15

Slow-Cooker Family Meals Under $20

8 Healthiest Ways to Drink Your Coffee, According to Dietitians

There are many ways to enjoy a flavorful, caffeinated cup that's also good for you.

This easy pasta dish is perfect for winter

20 smart ways to save at Starbucks or Dunkin'

Cheap & Easy Dinners to Get You Through the Week

These recipes are perfect for weeknights when you're looking for something budget-friendly and easy to make.

The best hidden-gem restaurant in every state

Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants

Simple sheet-pan meals to cook this week

If the thought of sweating over several pots and pans and then having to wash up half of the cookware you own fills you with dread, a meal chucked in a single roasting tray or dish is the answer. And that has never been more relevant than now, when we have to cook pretty much all of our meals at home (and do all the washing up too). From elaborate special occasion dinners to speedy weeknight meals, you'll be surprised by the variety of dishes you can cook in your roasting tray.

Which Restaurants Are Open on Martin Luther King Jr. Day? McDonald's, Chick-fil-A and More

Some venues across the country may be offering modified services amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

Mistakes You’re Making When Cooking Meat and How to Fix Them

Fear meat no more, here’s what you’re probably doing wrong! Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has the story.

Trump Ex-Lawyer Sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion – How 14 Corporate Lawsuits Turned Out

Friday morning, Trump’s former campaign lawyer Sidney Powell was hit with a lawsuit. The voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems Inc. is looking for $1.3 billion from Powell, accusing her...

Incredibly Satisfying World Soups From A To Z

Warm up with our ultimate A to Z guide for deliciously satisfying soups from around the world.

Stock market, most banks closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, while stores, restaurants and parks open

U.S. stock markets and most banks will be closed Monday in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. But most stores and restaurants are open.

Ingredients that'll make your meals restaurant-worthy

Simple Ways to Hack Meals