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5 Simple Spice Upgrades To Add Even More Flavor to Every Meal

Time to spice up your life.

50 slow-cooker family recipes under $15

Slow-Cooker Family Meals Under $20

Plastic Pieces in Chocolate Bars Spark a Lake Champlain Chocolates Recall

Shutterstock/Billion Photos Lake Champlain Chocolates isn't alone. There has been a small run of recalls issues over pieces of metal, glass, and plastic found in food, including Hot Pockets, ice cream, and Lean Cuisines. The chocolate company announced a recall through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on January 16. The announcement says that one unlucky chocolate lover found "brittle plastic pieces" in their chocolate, now Lake Champlain...

Use Yelp to Find Out About a Restaurant's COVID-19 Safety Measures

Whether you’re someone who inexplicably felt comfortable dining indoors during the pandemic (when that was an option), or you want to continue to support your local restaurants, but are concerned about whether they’re taking the proper safety precautions, Yelp wants to make the whole process easier for us. It’s also in their best interest: the company reported that it saw consumer interest increase by 41% for businesses that added COVID-19...

'I Married My Best Friend to Avoid Inheritance Tax'

Matt was talking to a friend of his who said that we'd have to get married to avoid the €100,000 inheritance tax. Matt then asked me if I'd marry him and I said yes.

Kitchen cleaning tips that don't involve elbow grease

From tips handed down through the generations to new secrets dreamt up by online influencers, these cleaning hacks will transform your kitchen.

The best hidden-gem restaurant in every state

Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants

18 Chicago cops caught 'lounging' in a congressman's office during the George Floyd protests have been disciplined

17 out of the 18 Chicago officers who were caught lounging in a congressman's office during civil unrest were suspended while 1 was reprimanded.

The best soup spot in each state

Best Places for Hearty Soup

50 Stress-Free Game Day Snacks that Can't Be Beat

These are so easy, they practically make themselves!

22 Baked Chicken Recipes for Sunday Dinner

These foods should never be stored in your refrigerator

While we seem to be cooking more at home lately, you may have extra groceries in the house. These are the ones that shouldn't go in the refrigerator.

You'll wish you knew these food hacks sooner

From getting the most out of leftover pizza to pimping your mac 'n' cheese, these handy hacks really cut the mustard.

Epic fast food fails: reality vs the adverts

Fast food adverts always instantly make you crave a burger, burrito or crispy fries but so often the reality is vastly different...

Top truck stop eats in every state

Hitting the road? You'll probably want to plan some sustenance stops along the way – and if you skip the chains, there are some real unexpected food treasures to be found. Here are the best truck stop roadside eats in every US state. Just remember to check restaurant websites in advance for any changes due to COVID-19.

Slow Cooker Hacks You Need to Know About

As if you needed any more reasons to worship the humble slow cooker, here are the hacks that will make you even more grateful for its existence!

These frozen foods really taste as good as fresh

From the obvious vegetables that fill almost every freezer aisle to other more unusual options, these are the frozen marvels that you should always keep at hand.

Make Cured Salmon at Home, Enjoy Brunch Vibes for Days

You don't need dill and aquavit to cure fish at home—in fact, you don't even need salmon. Choose your own fish adventure with these guidelines for spicing, seasoning, and otherwise flavoring salt-cured cod, mackerel, trout—or, sure, salmon—at home.

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

These foods could help you live longer

The right diet can help you on your way to living a long and healthy life. Here are the foods you should be eating more of – and those to cut down on – to increase your chances of staying hale and hearty.

Ice cream tests positive for COVID-19 in China

The coronavirus was first discovered following tests on three product samples from the Daqiaodao Food Company in Tianjin, close to Beijing.

12 Exotic Dishes to Get You Out of Your Brunch Rut

From Cambodian kuy teav to Russian oladi, take your senses on a culinary tour with a dozen classic brunch dishes from all over the globe.

Staggeringly expensive foods from around the world

These foods have come a long way from their humble beginnings. Many of them were once so cheap, they had to be given away. We explain how their fortunes changed and look at how some of today’s cheaper foods are set to become a lot more costly.

13 cocktails that taste like a vacation in a glass

Pregnant Brittany Cartwright Reflects on 'Bad Days' As She Enters 3rd Trimester

Prepping for parenthood! Brittany Cartwright has been giving fans glimpses of her pregnancy journey since her and husband Jax Taylor’s September 2020 announcement. “Mom & Dad,” the Kentucky native captioned an Instagram slideshow at the time, showing off her baby bump as well as ultrasound photos. “The love of our lives is coming soon.” The former Sur bartender shared the same shots on his account, writing, “Sooooo I am gonna be Dad.” Prior to the couple’s reveal, the Michigan native hinted that he and his wife will welcome a baby girl. “We’re very similar kind of guys and I just don’t think it’s in the cards for us to have boys,” Taylor told Randall Emmett during his and pregnant Lala Kent’s sex reveal. “I think it’s gonna be a girl.” Sure enough, a pink parachute proved the reality star right. When Emmett, who shares two daughters with ex-wife Ambyr Childers, joked that he had “a house full of girls,” Taylor said that it was “a curse and also a blessing.” The dad-to-be previously spoke to Men’s Health about his plans to be “the best” father possible. “I really want to be at every PTA meeting, every soccer practice, every ballerina class,” Taylor said in December 2018. “My dad was there.” He went on to say that it was “time to start the next stage” of his life, explaining, “I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do, partied my brains out, traveled the world.” While the Vanderpump Rules stars were engaged at the time, the couple tied the knot in June 2019 in Kentucky. Ten months later, Taylor shared their plans to conceive their first child during a E! News’ Just the Sip appearance. “We’re hoping to get a quarantine baby out of this,” he said in April 2020. “We’re ready to go.” Keep scrolling to see Cartwright’s baby bump photos over the course of her pregnancy, from mirror selfies to maternity fashion.

These Restaurant Chains Will Struggle the Most in 2021, Experts Say

Coffee chains may take a full two years to recover from the financial hit caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to industry analysts.

The best long-weekend sales and deals

Deals aren't limited to Black Friday and right after Christmas. Check out these bargains on everything from winter clothes to fine wine.

Change Your Oat Game Forever With Savory Pizza Oatmeal

Oats McGoats.

Simple recipe ideas for shrimp

We love prawns because they’re so versatile. They can be cooked in many ways – barbecued, baked, poached or stir-fried – and added to different cuisines. From Thai curry and tacos to linguine and laksa, these are our best prawn recipes.

Fast food brands popular in the decade you were born

Do you remember McDonald’s before Ronald McDonald? Was Arthur Treacher’s still a hit when you were growing up?

Here’s Exactly How J.Lo Gets Her Healthy, Glowing Skin

Jennifer Lopez is known for her perfect, nearly ageless skin. Here’s what she eats to help keep it healthy and radiant, plus get the rest of her flawless skin routine.

DIY RVs and vans you have to see to believe

Unbelievable RVs and Vans

The Cheap & Healthy Protein You Should Always Have in Your Freezer for Quick Meals

Freezing tofu makes it last longer, absorb more sauce and have a “meatier” texture.

Trump Ex-Lawyer Sued by Dominion for $1.3 Billion – How 14 Corporate Lawsuits Turned Out

Friday morning, Trump’s former campaign lawyer Sidney Powell was hit with a lawsuit. The voting machine company Dominion Voting Systems Inc. is looking for $1.3 billion from Powell, accusing her...

14 New Items Hitting Grocery Store Shelves in 2021

Start 2021 on a healthy note with these better-for-you new groceries hitting store shelves this year. From breakfast to snack time, we have you covered.

The best hole-in-the-wall diner in each state

The Best Diner in Every State

'I Lost The First 40 Pounds Of My 103-Pound Weight Loss Without Stepping Foot In The Gym'

"I would define my approach as a 'substitution method.' "

Incredibly Satisfying World Soups From A To Z

Warm up with our ultimate A to Z guide for deliciously satisfying soups from around the world.

Little-known fast food facts

Did you know you can order a quesadilla-burrito hybrid at Chipotle? Or not all footlong subs are 12 inches (30cm)? There's more than meets the eye to your favourite fast food restaurants. From secret menu items to royal owners, here are amazing facts that will make your jaw drop.

The top 50 old-school Italian restaurants in America

Best Old-School Italian Joints

10 Ways to Lose Those Last 10 Pounds

Losing the last 10 pounds is always the hardest, but it's not impossible. With these tips, you'll hit your goal weight in no time.

11 Ways Warren Buffett Lives Frugally

Trying to build your savings, pay off debt and make the most of your money? You might want to try living like a billionaire — but only if that billionaire is Warren Buffett. Read: The Daily...

From McDonald's to Nando's: secret fast food recipes revealed

Craving the Cheesecake Factory in lockdown? Fancy a McDonald’s in isolation? No problem. As most of us are stuck at home, some fast food chains have released recipes for their most popular dishes so we don’t have to miss out. Here are the official recipes for IKEA meatballs, Disney Park Beignets, a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, hash browns and more.

Nestle recalls more than 760,000 pounds of Hot Pockets because they might contain bits of plastic and glass

Four people contacted Nestlé when they found "extraneous material" in their Hot Pockets, the USDA said.

The Best BBQ Spots in the U.S.

The Best BBQ Spots in the U.S.

23 Low-Carb, High-Protein Dinners in 30 Minutes

Our Pros Sampled 6 Brands of Frozen Texas Toast to Find the Best

We love to keep a box of frozen Texas toast on hand for spaghetti suppers. But do you know what garlic toast brand is really best? Our pros sampled six to find out. The post Our Pros Sampled 6 Brands of Frozen Texas Toast to Find the Best appeared first on Taste of Home.

Don't let the wrong wine ruin your veganuary

Over half a million Brits have pledged to follow a plant-based diet throughout January. Helen McGinn gives her verdict on a selection of wines suitable for vegans.

Cheap & Easy Dinners to Get You Through the Week

These recipes are perfect for weeknights when you're looking for something budget-friendly and easy to make.

Things every retiree should toss in 2021

Things Retirees Don't Need