Server saves 11-year-old boy after noticing family refused him food at restaurant

The quick-thinking server also spotted bruises on the child's face and wrists.

Tips From The Test Kitchen - Three Delicious Dips

Caramelized Onion Dip, Caramel Apple Dip, and Warm Cheese-and-Spicy Pecan Dip are all excellent choices for a celebratory spread.

Charcuterie Wraps Are the Latest Viral Lunch Hack We Can't Wait to Try

This unique twist on quesadillas is ideal for using up extra bits left over from a cheese board!

Jennifer Garner Loves to Make This Easy Breakfast Recipe That Combines Two of Our Favorite Foods

Biscones are about to become your new go-to brunch bread.

This Is How Betty White Plans to Celebrate Her 99th Birthday

Betty White is an absolute legend. The post This Is How Betty White Plans to Celebrate Her 99th Birthday appeared first on Taste of Home.

Ina Garten Just Shared Her Recipe for Boston Cream Pie—Here's the Secret

Why choose between drinks and dessert when you can have both? The post Ina Garten Just Shared Her Recipe for Boston Cream Pie—Here’s the Secret appeared first on Taste of Home.

Costco-brand products that shoppers love

From kitchen staples like olive oil and bacon to golf balls and vodka, Costco shoppers love the warehouse giant's Kirkland Signature brand products.

America's best restaurants with epic views

Restaurants can be memorable for a number of reasons: apart from the food there’s good service, a welcoming atmosphere and then there’s the view. Whether it’s fine dining or cheap and cheerful eats you’re after, having the chance to take in an awe-inspiring landscape, impressive cityscape or breathtaking ocean vistas is a treat indeed. Here are our favorite restaurants in the US, that offer not only good food but great views as well.

The Worst Times to Drink Alcohol, According to Dietitians

Experts say to avoid these times at all costs.

How to Make Galaktoboureko, with Debbie Matenopoulos

This Hallmark Channel star wants to share her family's recipe for galaktoboureko, a Greek custard dessert. The post How to Make Galaktoboureko, with Debbie Matenopoulos appeared first on Taste of Home.

All the Best Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January 2021

Nonalcoholic booze has come a long way.

Rob Lowe has followed this diet for decades — here’s why it works for him

The "9-1-1: Lone Star" actor says following the low-carb diet is an important part of his lifestyle.

He Paused His Restaurants to Stop the Spread

Restaurateur Carl Sobocinski saw COVID-19 case rates spiking in his community, so he took action—and took care of his people.

50 ways to save more cash in 2021

Our Registered Dietitian Reveals the Best Diet of 2021

It's not about foods you cut away — it's about what you reach for instead.

15 Chicken and Asparagus Recipes for a Balanced and Delicious Meal

The Best Bread Makers, According to Super Enthusiastic Reviewers

If you want to jump on the bread making bandwagon but aren’t sure where to start, perhaps consider scooping up a prized kitchen appliance (i.e., the very best bread maker) to give you a leg up.

Don't Impulse-Buy Your Next Dish Rack — These Are 10 That Work With Every Kind of Kitchen Setup

No two kitchens are the same — these picks address a lot of unique needs.

This Glazed Salmon Supper Is Just Right for Winter Nights

Chef Erick Williams’ brown-sugar salmon showcases his personal take on Southern American cuisine.

Greens goddess: You'll love these easy plant-based dishes

You'll love this easy plant-based dish of miso, corn and sweet potato pancakes using zingy Asian flavours from a new cookbook by Ching-He Huang.

Bananas are radioactive and other food facts that will surprise you

It's often said that fact is stranger than fiction and that certainly applies to some of the weird and wonderful things you’ll find out about food and eating when you dig a little deeper. Indeed, some diet-related facts seem so strange you’ll wonder if they’re true. Here are 79 fact-checked food nuggets that will entertain and surprise you, compiled by loveFOOD's nutritionist Angela Dowden.

The most comforting bowl of pasta in every state

Let's be honest – who doesn't love a big bowl of pasta? From traditional lasagnas and spaghetti in silky red sauces to inventive creations and new takes on the classics, America has plenty of exceptional pasta dishes. Here, we take a look at the best in every US state. Check restaurant websites for the latest information on opening times as well as delivery and takeout services. If heading out to eat, remember to check any COVID-19-related advisories.

The Worst Frozen Foods That Should Never Be In Your Shopping Cart

Just stay away from these if you can help it, as they're nothing but bad news for your health.

These knife sets are essential for any kitchen

Check out these sharp choices.

Anti-nutrients might sound scary, but you need them in your diet

The human body runs on moderation.

The Best Irish Whiskey Brands To Celebrate Your At-Home St. Patrick's Day With

You cannot go wrong!

How to add a tip on DoorDash before you order, or adjust it after your food is delivered

You can add a tip on DoorDash before you finish your order, but if you want to change it afterwards, you can contact customer service.

Our Favorite Universal Wine Glasses Are on Sale Right Now

This weekend’s kitchen deals at Verishop include some of our favorite products.

Hearty winter meals in 30 minutes or less

Quick Hearty Winter Meals

19 Drop Cookie Recipes for an Easy Dessert

Why Southern Women Will Always Put On Lipstick

Mask or not.

Making Your Own Kale Gnocchi Is Easy With This Healthy 6-Ingredient Recipe

It's like the Trader Joe's version... but better.

Secret, off-the-menu items to order at popular restaurants

Secret Fast-Food Hacks

How to Make Our Best French Toast Recipe

Say "oui" to the best French toast in our recipe box! These step-by-step instructions will show you how to make French toast in a snap. The post How to Make French Toast appeared first on Taste of Home.

20 must-read health books

The Health section of your local bookstore or online book retailer looks different than it did a couple of decades ago, when titles like Food-Free at Last: How I Learned to Eat Air or The South Beach Diet Supercharged were popular picks. Still today, authors—including would-be physicians, B-list celebs and underqualified fitness experts—dole out “health advice,” trying to convince readers that running themselves ragged with dieting and strenuous exercise will make them thinner, prettier, and happier. In fact, it has had an adverse effect, especially on women. The cruel dieting culture, incessant calorie counting, and little to no representation of health experts from diverse communities, along with the unrealistic standards set by the beauty and fashion industries, have led to eating disorders and severe mental health issues. Today, coupled with wellness, the topics covered in health and well-being books focus more on making healthy choices daily, keeping active, practising self-care, and being mindful of our mental health. Thanks to the body positivity movement, and some notable influencers in this space, we know that healthy bodies come in all shapes and sizes. This is also a time when we are hearing from more underrepresented voices in this space, making health advice and wellness tips more inclusive and relevant for all. Start the new year off with motivation, stories, and advice on how to live a healthier, happier life that works for you. Get moving by adding these 20 must-read health books to your cart.

We Tested 11 Pasta Sauces, And This Is The Best One!

Pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce, red sauce, marinara—whatever you wish to call it, we've discovered which best pasta sauce is worth an Italian chef kiss.

Caldo Verde (Portuguese Potato and Collard Green Soup With Chorizo)

Fresh greens, potatoes, and piquant pork sausage take center stage in this comforting Portuguese classic.

This TikTok Shows A Germ-Free Way To Blow Out Birthday Candles

We need to do it like this from now on.

This Cynar Sour Is the Perfect Pre-Dinner Libation

My booze tolerance has plummeted during the pandemic. It turns out my interest in cocktails is directly linked to my ability to pay a skilled worker to make them for me, which means I haven’t been drinking many cocktails at home, save for the occasional celebratory martini.

Ice Cream In Northeastern China Tests Positive For COVID-19

If infecting more than 93 million people across the globe wasn't enough,COVID-19 has now been found in ice cream.Three ice cream samples -- chocolate, strawberry and taro -- tested positivefor traces of the coronavirus after they were submitted for a food inspectionin northeastern China's Tianjin municipality, according to a report from localChinese media on Friday.The samples were produced by the Tianjin Daqiaodao Food Company, which...

Starbucks Is Launching A Trio Of Bottled Frappuccinos Inspired By Treats From Around The World

Get. Pumped.

Our 10 Best Pasta Recipes from the Last 10 Years

Pasta never gets old, but only a handful of recipes are worth making over and over (and over…) again. Here are PureWow’s ten most popular pasta recipes of the last decade, in honor of our tenth birthday.

The Best Airbnbs to Escape to This Winter Near LA

Photo courtesy of Airbnb Now in our third month of safer-at-home orders (and almost a year of the back and forth), we’re all about ready to get out of LA. It’s a good thing then, that there are tons of natural wonders surrounding our city waiting to spend a weekend with would-be travelers. But just because 2020 is finally behind us, doesn’t mean safety is any less important. Traveling with those outside your household is out of bounds right now...

Iconic Caracas Arepa Bar Offering Delivery Once Again in Manhattan

Photo by Cole Saladino for Thrillist For Maribel Araujo, the arepa was always more than a cornerstone of her native cuisine–it was the gateway to creating a community. “Venezuelans eat arepas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and at after parties,” explains Araujo, who opened the original Caracas Arepa Bar in the East Village in 2003 with her partner (and then husband) Aristides Barrios, whom she praises for being the counterbalance of pragmatism to...

Gordon Ramsay's 'beet Wellington' is getting roasted on social media, but a Michelin-starred chef is defending his vegan spin on the dish

Some called Gordon Ramsay's beet Wellington a "tragedy," while others were shocked he made the dish after once joking that he's "allergic to vegans."

Google Used Artificial Intelligence to Create Two New Mashup Desserts Based on Baking Search Data

Meet the Cakie (half cake/half cookie) and the Breakie (half bread/half cookie).

Three at-home cold brew systems that’ll save you money

Six dollar coffee shop cold brew––in this economy?

6 helpful tips to start a plant-based diet, according to dietitians

To start a plant-based diet, it's important to find your motivation, stock your pantry with essentials, and don't forget to meal prep.

This easy pasta dish is the best winter comfort food

All the big pandemic bankruptcies to date — and who's next

Pandemic Bankruptcies So Far