The Entire Season of Magnolia Network’s 'The Lost Kitchen' Is Dropping on Discovery+ Next Week

Mark your calendars, binge-watchers!

These fabulous foods will remind you of your childhood

We all love a snack and we all have our favorites. Savory, sweet, meaty and chocolatey, these are the best-selling snacks of years past and present. Find out if the ones you grew up eating are still around today.

These food trends we hope never come back

There are some past food trends whose popularity cannot be explained – gelatin salads, cheese balls and fish-shaped food to name a few. But the 1970s isn't the only decade to blame as more recent offenders include freakshakes, cloud eggs and unicorn food. Here are the crazy food crazes we don’t want to make a comeback.

Healthy comfort foods that will get you through winter

If you're trying to eat more healthily, you can still enjoy some of your favourite comfort foods which we all need a bit of right now. Follow our top recipes, tips and hacks for ways to cut down on the carbs, fat, salt and sugar in the dishes that bring us joy. These are the best-ever healthier versions of your takeout favourites, hearty dinners, sweet treats and more.

Amazon’s New Valentine’s Day Guide Has Our Favorite Kitchen Gifts on Sale

Nothing says “I love you” like a sandwich maker.

57 Bean Soup Recipes to Warm You Up Tonight

Bean soups are hearty, warming, and full of fiber and protein. These are our favorite recipes for winter's best food.

50 smart, easy ways to save more money

20 ways you can save at Starbucks & Dunkin'

30 Passover Recipes to Put on Your Seder Table This Year

Who needs bread when there?s matzo, brisket and flourless chocolate cake? Here are 30 Passover recipes to include on your holiday menu, traditional and modern alike.

America's charming drive-thru restaurants worth a stop

Old-school places dishing out patties in buns have been joined by joints serving zingy salads, craft coffee and vegan dishes. Read on for our pick of the most charming.

27 easy ideas to cut the carbs

While we all love potatoes, pasta and desserts (who doesn’t), try these stodge-free alternatives and you’ll be surprised how easy and delicious low-carb meals can be.

I tried a popular trick for making perfect French toast, and it's almost foolproof has a recipe for the breakfast dish with a special ingredient and over 3,000 five-star reviews, so I tested it against my own.

Food Network appeared to cut season of 'Worst Cooks In America' after its champion was charged in 3-year-old child's death

Former cooking show winner Ariel Robinson and her husband were charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of their adoptive child.

Crockpot Recipes that Make a Week's Worth of Lunches

Here's a collection of ultra-portable work lunches, made in the slow cooker, that will save you from spending money on meals all week long.

IHOP's New Lineup of Burritos & Bowls Will Help You Fill Your All Day Cravings

Are we lucky or what?

Popular dishes from the year you were born

Wondering what dish to make a loved one for their birthday? Go back in time with something invented or made popular the year you (or they) were born. There’s pretty much an equal chance of it being delicious or bizarre, as this roster of recipes and fast-food creations proves.

Cheap recipes for a healthier you in 2021

Healthy Recipes for 2021

99 tried and tested food tips we wish we'd known sooner

Fast track to kitchen success with our best-ever hacks for food storage, quick meals, baking, barbecuing and more.

The bucket-list food experience in every state

Bucket-List Food Experiences

26 Shrimp Recipes for Sunday Dinner

23 Flexitarian Dinner Recipes with Beans

Add The Great British Bake Off Cookbooks To Your Shelf, Pronto

A new classic for your collection.

Every state's best old-fashioned diner

When it comes to American cuisine, there really is nothing finer than a diner – especially a retro one. The USA is filled with colorful, vintage joints with counters and booths, taking customers back to the 1950s and before, when diners were at their peak. Now more than ever these local, often family-run businesses need support so we've picked the best ones open for dine-in, takeout or delivery.

This mac & cheese has a secret super-ingredient

50 bad habits that affect your health

You eat well. You exercise. You go to bed early. All in all, you’re trying your best to look after your health. If you want to lead a long, fruitful life, staying on top of all of the above is absolutely vital. But did you know there are many simple bad habits that could be destroying all your hard work? Without further ado, let’s take a look at 50 things that could be negatively affecting your wellness.

When It Comes to Curd, Lemons Are Just the Beginning

Lemon and lime are just fine—but have you tried passionfruit curd? Or grapefruit with black pepper? Here's how to make curd from (almost) any fruit.

1,300 Locations of These Popular Fast-Food Chains Are Being Sold

NPC International has final gotten the approval to sell nearly 1,300 Pizza Hut and Wendy's locations to Flynn Restaurant Group.

Freezer-friendly meals that always taste fresh

Best Freezer-Friendly Meals

Giada De Laurentiis' Honey Ricotta Crostini Is the Perfect Light Bite

In need of more mid-day snacks to add into your meal rotation? Look no further than Giada de Laurentiis’ Honey Ricotta Crostini. Ever since the famous chef’s new discovery+ show Bobby and Giada in Italy premiered, De Laurentiis has been dropping some seriously incredible Italian recipes inspired by her trip. From her Grape and Rosemary

20 ‘Foreign’ Foods That Are Really American

American cooking is as diverse as America itself.

This baking paper hack will save you hours in the kitchen

An Australian foodie has taken the internet by storm after she shared a clip revealing how she makes sure she has the perfect amount of baking paper in her cake tin every time.

Why I’m Trying to Cook Less in 2021

It’s the New Year’s resolution my soul needs.

Chuck-it-all-in slow cooker recipes for the week ahead

Who doesn’t like the idea of sitting down to a ready-prepared meal that’s been cooking while you work or play? Whether you're after an easy dish to make for a big household, something to batch-cook or just a meal with minimum hands-on time, we've got a slow cooker recipe for you. Here are our favorite sweet and savory slow-cook saviors.

Simple skills every cook should know

Mastering basic cooking skills and some slightly more advanced techniques will make your life so much easier in the kitchen. You'll become much more confident, whether you're whipping up creamy scrambled eggs, making fluffy rice, cooking al dente pasta or nailing a homemade salted caramel sauce. Follow our tips and recipes for perfect results every time.

Foods you’ve probably been pronouncing wrong

Anyone who has been afraid to order the dish or drink that they really wanted for fear of looking silly will know: there are some food names that are just hard to wrap your tongue around. Whether they’re dishes or cocktails that many people get wrong, or ingredients that you rarely hear said out loud, it can be an edible minefield. Here are some of the most commonly mispronounced foods – and how we should be saying their names.

Fantastic foods that made places famous

Sampling the local cuisine is one of the best things about travel but there are some foods so indelibly linked to a place that they are named after it. Some are places many of us have only heard of because of the food. From Parma to Stilton, here are the foods that have helped to put towns, cities and regions on the map.

Every state's top burger and fries

There can’t be any meal quite as satisfying as a juicy burger and fresh, crispy fries. But where can you find the best? We’ve chosen the top burger and fries joint in every state that is open for dine-in, takeout or delivery to help make sure your next order is absolutely delicious.

Where to find a cheap, delicious burger in every state

Best Cheap Burgers

Broth Bombs Will Let You Make Seasoning-Filled Soups All Winter Long

They’re the new hot cocoa bombs.

Tricks for finding gorgeous RV campsites

Cool RV Camping Apps & Websites

Godiva to shut down all 128 brick-and-mortar stores in North America

The Turkish-owned chocolatier has announced that it will shutter all of its 128 brick-and-mortar locations, including cafes and retail boutiques, across North America by the spring.

The top deals at Target right now

Target is putting the emphasis on enhancing the great indoors this month with deals on exercise gear, kitchen equipment, and handy tech gadgets. See what to set your sights on.

Indulgent dishes every meat eater should try

Dishes Any Meat Eater Must Try

Cooking myths you should totally ignore

From washing raw chicken to throwing out bread that's stale, there's a lot of terrible cooking advice out there. Spanning the downright dangerous to the simply unhelpful, these are the cooking tips you should always ignore.

Aldi's New Everything Bagel-Seasoned Snack is Perfect for Your Small Super Bowl Celebration

The Super Bowl is on Feb. 7, and beyond the question of which two teams will play is this very important question: Do you have your Super Bowl snacks ready? Of course, you still have time to put together everything you need for a fun (and small) celebration with your family, but we’ve already got

These Magnetic Measuring Spoons Make Cooking With Lots of Little Ingredients So Much Easier

The $16 set’s clever design saves me so much time.

Try this easy $3 Super Bowl wings recipe

The most delicious snacks at Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's Best Snacks

The 10 Best Cooking Hacks We Learned Last Year To Make Quarantine Cooking A Smidge Easier

Not to mention even more delicious.

The easiest way to make ice cream at home, according to a top chef

Experts walk us through the best approaches to making ice cream at home.