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Tiger Nuts Are the Fiber-Filled Superfood You're Not Eating

Deliciously reap all the health benefits of these edible tubers.

Everything You Must Absolutely Do in Houston This Weekend

Courtesy of Dunder Mupplen Missing working in an actual office, lately? You can skip the real thing and unleash your inner Michael Scott at a themed pop-up bar instead, as "The Office" inspired Dunder Mupplen bar takes over Downtown. This weekend also gives you the opportunity to brew and bike the Heights, eat well at a pop-up night market, and shop a punk rock-style garage sale. Here’s everything you need to add to your weekend agenda: Sip and...

This $20 Bill Is Selling For More Than $100,000 Because It Has A Del Monte Banana Sticker On It

That could buy you a whole lot of bananas!!!

11 things you should never put down the drain

From paint and pasta to pills and oil, here are some things you should never put down your drain if you want to avoid health risks and clogged pipes.

People are slamming Shake Shack for its controversial new Korean fried chicken sandwich, but some chefs say the chain's use of a Korean ingredient is a good thing

A Korean-American chef said "ideal" Korean fried chicken should have "a light and crunchy shell," and a sweet, savory, spicy, "glazy" sauce.

10 Useful Kitchen Tools You’ll Love for Under $30

For any task you need to do in the kitchen to prep and cook your meals, there’s a gadget that can help you do it better, quicker, or more easily. You don’t need to spend a lot of money,...

8 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers, According to Kitchen Appliance Experts

This cold brew's for you!

The top Chinese restaurant in every state and DC

We’ve done the hard work by seeking out the most highly rated Chinese restaurant in every US state, from sleek modern spots to family-run favorites. Be sure to check individual websites for the latest opening updates, and takeout, curbside pick-up and delivery options.

The definitive list of America's best sandwiches

Best Subs, Grinders, & Hoagies

American Airlines Will Ship Their Wine To Your Door If You’re Having Major Travel Envy Right Now

It's the same wine they serve in first class.

Let Rachael Ray's Eggplant Stacks Prove There Is No Such Thing as Too Much Flavor

OK, we might be more than halfway through January, but our love of comfort food isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. We’re still living for soul-satisfying dishes that leave us feeling warm inside. We’re always on the hunt for new recipes that will replicate this feeling at the dinner table (and will give moms brownie points),

This New-School Taquero Is Making L.A.'s Best Breakfast Burrito

Let's say it's 8 a.m. on a weekday in Los Angeles. You have things to do, and you need breakfast.Even if you are groggy, you will want to drive to Milpa Grille in Boyle Heights.That's where chef Jonathan Perez is doing take-out pop-up with his big tacos and breakfast burritos.You order an enormous birria burrito. It costs $10, and it's big enough for two meals.The signature dish that the 30-year-old Guatemelan-American chef will serve you is based on his mother's authentic recipe.The pillowy scrambled eggs, crunchy tots, and tender braised beef jolt you awake better than any cup of coffee. And just like that, you're fully awake and primed for the day. Go ahead, give it a shot

McDonald's is selling popular menu items for 35 cents or less during its 'Throwback' Thursdays deal

Each Thursday through Feb. 18, McDonald's will feature a different menu item. This week it offered a cheeseburger for $0.25.

These Glittery Tea Bombs Burst Into Flavorful, Flowery Drinks—and We Can’t Stop Watching

Here's where to order them online!

12 of the best drinks to get at Trader Joe's for under $10

From freshly squeezed lemonade to hot-cocoa mix, here are some of the delicious beverages you can buy at the grocery chain, all for under $10.

5 Reasons You Should Be Eating More Onions

Those tears are oh so worth it.

You Can Get A McDonald’s Cheeseburger For 25 Cents Today As Part Of The Chain’s Throwback Deals

All you have to do is order through the app.

Everything We’re Buying from Marie Kondo’s New Collection at The Container Store

Marie Kondo just released an all-new line with The Container Store, which is filled with organization must-haves. Find out more here.

Actually Fun Things to Do in DC This Weekend

Ben's Chili Bowl This week marked the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. And with the new administration comes a renewed sense of optimism not just washing its way over DC, but over the rest of the country. For those of us who have been anxious over the past month (year?), this weekend may provide some much needed relief after a tumultuous time. So, if you’re in the mood to celebrate safely, we’ve compiled a...

11 Recipes to Savor This Weekend

It seems like the sky is a little brighter this week. So enjoy this fresh new weekend with some fun kitchen projects—and delicious meals.

A hard pill to swallow: Why gummy vitamins don't work as well as conventional supplements

Gummy vitamins often contain different quantities of vitamins and minerals than they advertise and lose their potency more quickly than pills.

I found out why this paint-by-numbers kit was on Oprah's Favorite Things list

I'm not artistic, but Modern Monet makes me feel like I am.

Baileys Has a Giant Layer Cake, and We Need It for Dessert Right Now

We'll take our sugar rush with a dose of our favorite Irish cream, thank you. The post This Baileys Layer Cake Is Just What We Need for Dessert Right Now appeared first on Taste of Home.

This Cookies And Cream Cold Brew From Starbucks Will Be Your New Go-To Order

Gimme that caffeine!!!

Epic celebrity food fails

Even the rich and famous aren’t safe from messing up in the kitchen. Despite often having party planners and private chefs, they still misjudge what to put on menus at events, come up with bad business ideas and cook absolutely inedible dinners. Here are some famously bad celebrity food fails, including Gwyneth Paltrow serving raw eggplant, Drake putting raisins in mac ‘n’ cheese and Reese Witherspoon over-baking brie.

"Cakie" and "Breakie" Are Two NEW Foods Based on Top Recipe Searches During the Pandemic

Because we all needed a new dessert recipe, right? The post “Cakie” and “Breakie” Are Two NEW Foods Based on Top Recipe Searches During the Pandemic appeared first on Taste of Home.

This Pint-Sized Instagram Blender Is Perfect for Small Spaces

It’s a solid way to drink your veggies too.

Biden appears to have removed Trump's Diet Coke button from the Oval Office

Former President Donald Trump's love of Diet Coke was widely reported after he took office.

Disney has a new grilled cheese sandwich made with doughnuts, and fans aren't sure how to feel about it

A Disney Springs doughnut shop offers a grilled cheese on sweet bread. But for an extra $1, customers can swap a glazed doughnut for the griddled bun.

41 Best Pineapple Recipes: Tacos, Cocktails, Desserts, and More

Yes, you can add it to fruit salad. But there's more to pineapple than that.

Trader Joe's New Low-Carb, Mexican-Style Riced Cauliflower Has Just 50 Calories

This low-carb freezer find definitely deserves a spot on your next shopping list.

Taco Bell Just Teased Its Plans to Join the Fast Food Chicken Wars

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment 2021 is starting to feel a bit like 2019. Everyone's talking about fast food fried chicken sandwiches again. You might even say the so-called "chicken wars" are raging on, now that KFC and McDonald's are finally launching new-and-improved sandwiches. And now, a somewhat surprising competitor may be joining the crowded coop. Taco Bell—fresh off of announcing the return of its beloved potato menu...

$50-or-less whiskeys to savor in 2021

Best Whiskeys Under $50

Why Basque cheesecake should be your next baking project

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. As dining out may not be safe (and comfortable) for everyone at the moment, many people are attempting new recipes to hone their culinary skills—which has led to a surge in popularity of Basque burnt cheesecake to the tune of over 93,000 uses of the hashtag #basquecheesecake on Instagram. The reason? Well, this recipe...

Orange Flower Olive Oil Cake

This elegant and easy orange flower olive oil cake doesn’t require a mixer and comes together in all of 45 minutes’ time.

Amazon Shoppers Declare That This Smart Toaster Is ‘Worth Every Penny’

Perfect golden-brown toast, every time.

This is how long you can store your favorite foods for

Knowing how long you can safely keep food and drink can prevent illness. Food goes off quicker if it’s not stored correctly but when it is, it might last longer than you’d think. A quick look or smell will often be a good indication as to whether food is fine to consume but it's not always reliable. Here's our guide to how long your favourite foods should last and how to keep them safe according to the experts.

Costco Is Selling HUGE Ooey-Gooey Fudge Brownies Right Now—and They're Heavenly

These fudge brownies are just more proof that Costco always comes through with the goods. The post Costco Is Selling Huge 4-Pound Fudge Brownies Right Now appeared first on Taste of Home.

The top-secret recipes we might never get our hands on

There are some recipes, that no matter how hard we try to replicate, we just can't seem to get the flavor right. Whether they're ancient recipes passed down by monks or popular brands that keep their formulas in locked vaults, some people would pay millions to get their hands on them. We take a look at products with top-secret recipes only known by select few.

Triple Sec, Cointreau, and Grand Marnier: Understanding the Differences Between These Orange Liqueurs

It's easy to confuse one for the other, so we're here to explain how they are similar and what makes them different.

Surprising facts about America's most popular dishes

Do you know how many wings are eaten on Super Bowl weekend? Or the reason why graham crackers were invented? Here we take a look at fascinating and little-known facts about America’s most popular dishes. Get ready to find out a mind-blowing kernel of knowledge about corn on the cob, why we started eating hot dogs in buns and more.

24 Comfort Food Dinners That Are Low-Carb and Satisfying

The #1 Warning Sign You’re Drinking Too Much Iced Coffee

If you’re experiencing those coffee jitters and increased anxiety after downing lots of iced coffee, it may be time to start limiting your intake.

8 Actually Fun Things to Do in LA This Weekend

Randy's Donuts It’s safe to say your brain has registered a lot of emotions this month so far, so maybe some comfort food and booze is in order. To help you through your catharsis, we’ve got a slew of enlightening LA-centric activities and events, you know, the fun stuff. This weekend, you can pay a virtual visit to Bollywood, eat free donuts, and support LA’s women-owned restaurants by ordering from awesome only-for-a-limited-time takeout...

How To Throw A Virtual Super Bowl Party Without Losing Your Mind

Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Fun? CHECK.

Bake your bacon for crispy results

If you like crispy bacon, the oven is one way to ensure a crunchy bite.

Just got an air fryer? Here's how to use it to get the best results

Frozen foods like mozzarella sticks, fries, chicken nuggets and vegetables are transformed in the air fryer.

Tinned foods you should always have in your pantry

A pantry that's well-stocked with canned foods makes life so much easier. They have a long shelf-life, are generally inexpensive, and can save you making endless trips to the shops. Canned food is still nutritious and it also counts towards your five-a-day. Check out our recipe ideas and you'll be inspired to fill up on your favorite tinned foods, and some new ones too.

Actually Fun Things To Do in Miami This Weekend

Photo Courtesy of Veza Sur As fans in Green Bay, Buffalo, Tampa, and KC rev up for a big weekend of football, here in South Florida we’re throwing it back to the days when boxing and horse racing were king. This weekend will see live bout in Miramar, a huge televised fight with cheap whiskey specials at AmSo, and our biggest horse race of the year at Gulfstream. Plus a live show from Rob Schneider, who brings us back to the ’90s. All that and a...

Chrissy Teigen Lost A Tooth By Eating A Fruit Roll-Up And TBH We’ve All Been There

We've all cracked a tooth while snacking at least once...right?