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The best breakfast burrito in every state

Best Breakfast Burritos

I Hacked The Starbucks Menu And Made A 3-Course Meal

This is my story.

40+ Different Simple Self-Care Tasks That'll Change Your Life This Year

Check one off your list each week all year long.

The 40 Best Foods for Lowering Your Cholesterol, According to a Nutritionist

Stock up on dark chocolate, stat.

Gonna fry now: The Takeout’s best air fryer recipes

We know your kitchen countertop space is precious, and adding another gadget to the mix might seem frivolous. But for all its trendy hype, the air fryer is admittedly a powerful and versatile cooking companion. “Fryer” is a bit of misnomer; it’s really just a small, high-powered convection oven that circulates heat all the way around the food inside its basket, cooking items quickly to achieve a crispy exterior without the added calories and fat...

General Mills Is Reportedly Launching A Dulce de Leche Toast Crunch Cereal

We volunteer as taste testers. 🥄

Starbucks and Chick-fil-A are pioneering the future of drive-thru ordering

An analyst says the new tech is key to reducing drive-thru wait times, which companies have competed to do over the past year.

The most underrated towns in America

Most Underrated Towns

Eating These Two Foods Can Help You Live 13% Longer, New Study Says

Researchers found that eating about five servings of fruits and vegetables was associated with the lower risk of death.

No time to cook? This instant pot soup is perfect

Who really invented fried chicken and other food mysteries solved

From counter-claims to places that have a long-running beef (burger) with one another, here are a few tasty dishes people get a bit testy over.

99 amazing food hacks we wish we'd always known

Fast track to kitchen success with our best-ever hacks for food storage, quick meals, baking, barbecuing and more.

The best hidden-gem restaurant in every state

Best Under-the-Radar Restaurants

These are Officially The 12 Best Small-Town Fast Food Spots in the U.S.A.

Whataburger or Culver's? Discuss. 🍔

Frozen foods you should never put in your cart

Frozen Foods to Forget

The Classic Sandwich to Order in Every State

We hope you're hungry.

Money-saving lessons from a Depression-era dad

Depression-Era Frugality Tips

America's oldest food brands still around today

While some companies are lucky to survive a year, there are some brands that have been around for centuries.

Perrier Has A New Line of Energy Drinks And We Know How You Can Win A Pack

Lucky you!

Road Trip Stops in Every State You Need to Add to Your List

You don't want to miss these American treasures.

Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart, And There Goes My Whole Diet

Man, there are some shockers in here.

What All the Royals Actually Eat in a Day

Meghan Markle's go-to breakfast, Kate Middleton's pre-wedding diet, and more!

Surprise: Red Bell Peppers Have More Vitamin C Than an Orange

We're adding those (and 30 of our R.D.'s other favorite superfoods) to our diets ASAP.

These well-known food hacks don't actually work

The endless cooking advice in magazines and hacks found online can be overwhelming to even the most seasoned home cooks...

Plants You Should Always Grow Side-By-Side

Companion planting may be the thing that helps your garden grow!

50 comfort foods the whole family will love

Here are our favorite satisfying snacks, delicious dishes and restorative recipes to beat the blues.

Hardly anyone is following the CDC guidelines perfectly. Here's how to stay safe even while bending the rules.

Pandemic fatigue is leading many people to ignore CDC guidelines. So if you're going to hug, wear a good mask, experts say.

7 Secrets To The Perfect Stew

Stewed meat dishes are the perfect comfort food—when done right. Here are the 7 secrets to making the moistest, tastiest stew of your life.

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

The most popular cocktail in each of the United States (plus D.C.)

What The American Kitchen Looked Like the Year You Were Born

Our love affair with stainless steel goes back further than you think.

I tried the TikTok trick to turn Oreos into waffles, and I only needed cookies and water

I tried the easy recipe for making delicious-looking waffles out of just sandwich cookies and milk or water. Here's how the final product turned out.

Healthy Lifestyle Habits Meghan Markle Swears By

The way she sneaks veggies into her pasta is pure genius, just sayin'.

These are the perfect pasta and sauce pairings

If you’re looking for something more exciting than spaghetti, take inspiration from these traditional, and some non-traditional, Italian combinations.

Tinned foods that make up a well-stocked pantry

A pantry that's well-stocked with canned foods makes life so much easier. They have a long shelf-life, are generally inexpensive, and can save you making endless trips to the shops. Canned food is still nutritious and it also counts towards your five-a-day. Check out our recipe ideas and you'll be inspired to fill up on your favorite tinned foods, and some new ones too.

This Is the Most Commonly Stolen Food In the World, Data Says

A reported 4% of all cheese produced in any given year ends up stolen—often destined for re-sell to shops and restaurants.

Every MLB fan base ranked by how much they drink

Every MLB fan base ranked by how much they drink

49 Kitchen Secrets Guaranteed to Change the Way You Cook

From clever uses for leftovers to genius food storage solutions — these kitchen tips and tricks will help save you time and money.

10 Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite Food Court Restaurants

Bet you can't guess who made the world's longest curly fry.

Warning Signs that Tell You When Your Food Has Gone Bad

While the old adage, "when in doubt, throw it out" is a good rule of thumb to live by when evaluating food for freshness and safe consumption, here are more warning signs to watch for in common grocery staples.

The most extreme tacos in America

Most Extreme Tacos

These fabulous foods were created in times of hardship

Wartime and Depression-era foods and dishes invented because of hardship and a lack of ingredients, and recipes borne out of necessity around the world

Unique comfort foods from every state in America

Surprising Comfort Foods

Dietitians Say These Healthy, Delicious Snacks Pair Perfectly With a Cup of Coffee

From sweet biscotti to savory muffins, you won’t regret these tasty bites.

5 Five-Minute Ways to Clean Your Kitchen (Using Stuff You Already Have on Hand)

Is there any worse way to spend a Saturday than shopping for supplies and scrubbing a dirty kitchen? We think not. Here are five easy ways to freshen things up in five minutes or less—using the stuff that’s already in your pantry.

33 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Vegan

Quick, go find some vegan cheese to go with your Wheat Thins and Ritz Crackers!

14 of the best things to get at Aldi this month for under $5

From St. Patrick's Day to Easter, you can prepare for the spring festivities with these affordable Aldi finds, all of which are under $5.

30 Ways to Save Money Like Your Grandma Did

While our grandparents may have been frugal from necessity, there's a lot we can learn from their thriftiness.

Wow-Worthy Chocolate Cake Anyone Can Make

Who can say no to chocolate cake?!

Tempeh vs. Tofu: Which Plant-Based Protein Is Healthier for You?

These sisters in soy each have a lot going for them.

Ina Garten-Approved Lodge Just Launched 5 New Cast Iron Grill Accessories

Any pro chef will tell you that the simplest and most efficient way to up your cooking game is by having the right kitchen tools. Equipment is everything, people! In the same way that you would never expect a basketball player to be a star without a hoop, a chef should always have the correct