16 Best Wine Subscriptions, Based on 40 Taste Tests

There are thousands of wine subscriptions and clubs all around the United States, all making various promises of having the best wine. But to determine the quality and value of what they’re selling takes an understanding of the fine print, years of experience, and lots of taste testing—all of which we did to find the best wine subscriptions. We researched dozens of wine subscriptions, went through various signup processes, waited (im)patiently...

The 40 Best Foods for Lowering Your Cholesterol, According to a Nutritionist

Stock up on dark chocolate, stat.

Toys R Us is opening a new store with a 2-story slide and an ice cream parlor

Is Toys R Us coming back in 2021? Yes, a new US flagship store will open at American Dream mall in New Jersey ahead of openings in 400 Macy's stores.

Ina Garten Just Shared Her Potato Pancakes Recipe for Hanukkah—and Fans Say It's "Scrumptious" and "Classic"

If you’re looking for new recipes to try this Hanukkah, these crispy latkes are a perfect candidate.

Retailers admit to dirty 'inflation' trick that will make you see red

If you spend more money shopping than you mean to, it may not be entirely your fault. Retailers have developed a range of tricky psychological techniques you need to be aware of, especially as inflation rages.

These 23 delicious & healthy recipes take breakfast to the next level

Burger King to cut some menu items to speed up restaurant drive-thru lines

Burger King plans to cut some items from its menu to speed up service at its drive-thrus, Restaurant Brands International CEO Jose Cil said.

The $25k taco and more of the world’s most expensive dishes

With a good smattering of caviar, gold leaf and truffle, these opulent dishes leave no expense spared. From the world’s most extravagant hamburgers to gold-dusted ice-cream sundaes, extremely rare cuts of meat and even a caviar omelet – you’ll be amazed at how much the world’s most expensive restaurant dishes cost. Intrigued? Read on to feast your eyes on some seriously decadent dining…

Nut Butter Wishes It Were Granola Butter

This oat spread is sweet, drizzly, and allergen-free—and I can’t stop eating it.

5-Ingredient Salmon Recipes

A Stolen Bread Truck Led Cops on a High-Speed Chase Through Los Angeles

The culprit recklessly drove the vehicle around the city for over an hour with police in hot pursuit.

You Deserve a Big Ol' Pan of Baked Brie

Brie en croute is an excessive dish. Brie, on its own, served at room temperature without adornment, is already delightful: soft and spreadable, creamy and a little funky, a cheese that does not need to be melted.

A Week Living In A Van On A $100,000 Salary

Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar. Refinery29 is looking for submissions for our Feel Good Diaries series! We’re specifically looking for any kind of athlete at the moment (casual, amateur, or pro, of any sport) but are accepting all applicants. Submit with us here if...

Taste the rainbow with this shaved carrot salad

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. _Caroline Schiff is a chef, recipe developer, writer, and consultant based in Brooklyn, New York. She is currently the executive pastry chef at Gage & Tollner and the head chef of Slow Up. She has over a decade of experience in the industry from restaurants and recipes to bakeries and cafes. Schiff recently published...

Ranked: America's top 50 restaurant chains

The USA is home to swathes of chain restaurants, cafés and fast food joints but there are some which people return to time and again for comforting favorites, from burgers and fried chicken to steaks and pizza. Restaurant Business has analyzed the sales data and recorded the highest-grossing chains in the five years up to 2019. With a few surprises and some predictable top dogs, here are the nation’s top 50 chains. Click through to find out which is number one...

25 fast & easy soups to warm up your house this winter

How to line a baking pan with parchment paper

Some cake recipes will instruct you to simply grease your cake pans with butter, oil, or cooking spray before you add your batter; others will instruct you to dust that grease with a little bit of flour or sugar to keep your cake from sticking to the pan. Both those methods can be effective, but neither are foolproof. If you want a guarantee that your cake won’t stick to the pan, you’ll have to line it with parchment paper.

Reese's Just Launched a University for Peanut Butter Cup Fans

But don't expect to live on-campus.

14 Sheet-Pan Dinners That Can Help You Lose Weight

Succulent Low-Carb Desserts for Chocolate-Lovers

Have your chocolate and low carb diet, too!

America's Most Popular Fast-Casual Chain Could Double Its Locations, CEO Says

Chipotle is on a meteoric rise, and according to CEO Brian Niccol, not afraid of the competition. Here's why.

10 Giada De Laurentiis Cookie Recipes To Make For Your Cookie Swap

There are some chefs we turn to time and again when we need inspiration in the kitchen, and one of our favorites is Giada De Laurentiis. We just love the fresh Italian twists she puts on recipes, from chicken soup to Thanksgiving turkey. But one thing we really love are her dessert recipes. It so

The Starbucks Capitals of America

The first Starbucks opened in Seattle 50 years ago.

The Best Rolling Pin Is Basically Just a Fancy Stick

Put down the empty wine bottle and get a real rolling pin already.

35 Delicious Ways to Sneak More Veggies into Family Dinners

Getting your 5 daily servings of vegetables is a piece of cake with these recipes.

The Best Soup Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

If you're eager to shed a few pounds, these are the best soup combinations for weight loss, according to experts.

8 Ways to Love Olive Garden's Soup, Salad and Breadsticks Without Leaving the House

No doubt: Olive Garden soups, salad and breadsticks are a comfort food combo. Now you can enjoy these dishes in your own home with these delicious copycat recipes. The post Copycat Olive Garden Soups, Salad and Breadsticks appeared first on Taste of Home.

Iconic toy store is back in a big, flashy way

While many stores and brands have declared bankruptcy recently and closed for good, others — like iconic retailer Toys R Us — are attempting comebacks.

Not That It's A Competition, But These Gifts Will Earn You 'Sibling Of The Year'

Your brother's going to love you more than ever.

This Viral Video Shows You How to Remove NASTY Sweat Stains from Hats

You're diligent about washing sweaty clothes, but what about baseball hats? Find out how to get sweat stains out of hats and make them look like new. The post How to Get Sweat Stains Out of Hats appeared first on Taste of Home.

Supply of These 2 Grocery Items Is Dwindling, Reports Say

Meanwhile, the federal government is investigating supply chain disruptions.

Keep your oven clear with these slow-cooker Thanksgiving side dishes

I make Thanksgiving plans the minute the leaves start to turn colors. This year, vaccinated family members will gather at my sister’s home. We all look forward to her husband’s grilled turkey and a bevy of sides brought by all the guests. Later in the weekend, we’ll travel to our daughter’s home for a second holiday meal. At both homes, oven space proves precious. Especially when a large turkey roasts comfortably on the middle rack. That leaves...

Martha Stewart's Cacao Spice Cookies Are So Good, You Won't Want to Swap Them

Every year, it seems like we end up making the same assortment of cookies for our holiday cookie swap. There’s always some sort of iced sugar cookie, we always do a chocolate chip cookie, and we’ll occassionally throw in something fruity. But this year, we want to shake things up. We’ve already been inspired by

What The American Kitchen Looked Like the Year You Were Born

Our love affair with stainless steel goes back further than you think.

Our 10 Most Popular New Recipes in November

Our editors started talking about Thanksgiving this year as soon as Thanksgiving last year was over. We started publishing holiday recipes long before November kicked off. All of which means—no, there is not a single roast turkey on this list. You’re welcome! Instead, we’ve got a savory pie that just happens to be vegan, a feel-good farro bowl with broccoli and olives, and a few-ingredient apple dessert that couldn’t be prettier if it tried....

15 Ways to Make Minestrone

The worst cookbooks of all time

The cookbook section continues to take up more and more space in our bookstores. There are some that make your mouth water… and then there are these ones.

Brilliant bean recipes you should make this week

With a few tins of beans in the pantry, you're on your way to an easy meal. Beans are nutritious, high in protein and fiber. They are also excellent value for money and so versatile. Whether you love kidney beans, cannellini, butter or black beans, here's a collection of inspiring recipes to show that there's more to beans than a soup or stew, although there's a good selection of those too. Try tasty veggie burgers, new sides, one-pot meals, fish dinners and meaty mains.

Cardiologists Say These Are The Worst Foods For Your Heart, And There Goes My Whole Diet

Man, there are some shockers in here.

10 Little-Known Facts About Your Favorite Food Court Restaurants

Bet you can't guess who made the world's longest curly fry.

30 Best Healthy Whole-Grain Cereals to Add to Your Grocery List

Breakfast just got faster than a kid's attention span with these yummy, filling ideas.

33 Surprising Foods You Should Actually Never Store In The Fridge

It'll make your food stay fresher longer.

Men Who Say 'I Don't Want Anything This Year' Will Actually Love These Gifts

They just might not know it yet...

Juicy Lucys, sloppers, and other regional burgers worth traveling for

Burgers are bliss, but these regional variations will show you how delicious it can be to experiment, from tons of butter to a smear of Fluff or pimento.

I compared Kylie Jenner's and Kim Kardashian's In-N-Out orders and I preferred the cheaper meal

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner have both shared their In-N-Out orders. An Insider reporter tested them to see which is better.

Quick and comforting dinners to get you through December

As the nights start to draw in earlier and the days become a little chilly, it's the time to hunker down with warming, hearty meals. This collection of midweek dinners includes comforting traybakes, easy one-pots, new ideas for pasta and simple stews, showcasing some of the best seasonal produce to buy right now. They're all big on flavor and low on effort. Read on for our best fall recipes.

The 10 Most Popular Recipes of November 2021

Here’s to foods that feel like big hugs.

Treats perfect for sharing with far-away family

December is officially baking season, and few things are better than sharing cookies, cakes, pies and breads with loved ones. This year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic may mean that your annual family bake-offs and friendly cookie swaps are postponed or canceled. But just because you can’t swap in-person doesn’t mean you can’t still send your loved ones baked goods through the mail. The best baked goods to send in the mail are sturdy ones. Crumbly cookies and pillowy rolls need not apply. Luckily, some holiday classics like gingerbread, pound cakes, biscotti and a large selection of cookies are perfect for sending to those near and far. To make sure they arrive intact, pack them snugly in an airtight container (you shouldn’t be able to hear or feel them shifting around when you gently shake the tin), then pack that container in a mailing box with bubble wrap. Here are some of the best baked goods to send by mail.

Fail-Proof Gifts for People Who Are Impossible to Shop For

Now is the time to be shopping for gifts. December is here and the time to dilly dally is over. Shipping is a nightmare and the days are flying by like an out-of-control freight train, so you need to move now. Which is easier said than done when you have a lot of people to shop for. Especially if you got people in your life that are pretty much impossible to shop for. Shopping for people like that is no fun. You want to get them something good and impressive, but you can’t figure it out. The time spent pulling out your hair feels like it’ll never end. We’ve already done a gift guide for people who say they don’t want anything to help you guys out. But there’s never anything wrong with going the extra mile. Especially when there is a new angle to take. The new angle we found here is that there are some things that people just can’t pass up, no matter how persnickety they may be. Things like food and coffee. And this time of the year, there’s always a good bouquet of flowers to roll with. Bouquets that have a particularly festive feeling to them. And we have found a bunch of good gifting options in those very categories that’ll make anyone happy this holiday. All you guys gotta do is scroll on down to find the right items for hard-to-please gifters this year. It’s a nice little variety within that should go well with the other gift guide that helps pad the numbers for those pains in the neck. But like we said, you better act now because these items won’t get here immediately these days. Don’t let the holiday season pass you by without getting your gifts picked out right now.

Vintage Photos of Diners Through the Years

The quintessential American eatery has a rich history to look through.