The Girl Scouts Are Back, And Thank God, They Have A New Cookie

A cookie that could double as breakfast.

So, There's a Hidden Crumb Tray Under Your Toaster That You're Probably Not Cleaning

Here’s your sign to start now.

Vintage food brands that deserve a second chance

Over the past decades, many once-great brands and products have been lost to changing trends and competition. Here we take a look at some old-school US, UK and Canadian brands, from soft drink giants to frozen food companies, we want to make a comeback – even if purely for nostalgic reasons.

Thomas Rhett and More Stars With Alcohol Brands

Bottom’s up! It’s no secret that many celebrities like to drink alcohol, but some have taken that infatuation a step further by launching their own spirit brands. Stars Who Take Their Drinks to Go Read article What’s more? These entrepreneurial stars, including George Clooney and Drake, tend to make a pretty penny thanks to their wines, whiskeys and more. Scroll down to see which famous faces are also the forces behind some super successful alcohol brands. Stars Who Love Pizza Read article

You Won't Believe How Well Mushrooms Replace Meat in These Delicious Lunches

Swap beef for fresh portobello and listen to your taste buds sing!


My family always uses this pho recipe. I've added a few modern cooking techniques to build upon its already full-bodied flavor. The stock can be made ahead to save time on the day you'd like to serve it. —Terry Nguyen, Lawrenceville, Georgia The post Pho appeared first on Taste of Home.

You Don't Want To Miss This Secret Sale On All-Clad Pots And Pans

I'm talking 60 percent off and more, people.

We Tried Making Egg Coffee, and Here's What It Tastes Like

Eggs and coffee are perhaps the most important staples of any breakfast—but I never thought to combine them in the same cup. Here's how to make egg coffee.

Where to find a cheap, delicious burger in every state

Best Cheap Burgers

Princess Diana's former chef says he made the 'cardinal sin' of serving her favorite breakfast - a can of baked beans - to Americans

Diana's chef told Insider he didn't realize her favorite breakfast wasn't "the norm" in the US when he first moved there.

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Every State

Food historians generally agree that the first Chinese restaurant in America was Canton, opened in 1849 in San Francisco.

How Much to Tip for Food in the Pandemic and the Most Effective Way to Support Restaurants

As the pandemic has progressed, tips for restaurant workers have declined. Buzz60’s Maria Mercedes Galuppo has the story.

This Is How Long Homemade Fudge Can Last

Got fudge in the house? Learn just how long this rich and creamy treat lasts—and the proper ways to store it. The post How Long Does Fudge Last? appeared first on Taste of Home.

How D.C. bars and restaurants are handling a bizarre Inauguration Day

After the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, the mood of the United States changed, and all eyes were squarely set on Washington D.C. It was a tragic, historical, life-altering day for many, and it set an otherworldly tone for what would eventually become today: the day Joe Biden is sworn in as president.

A BRAND-NEW Julia Child Series Is Coming Soon—Here's How to Watch

Julia will premiere on HBO Max and will be centered around her life as our favorite French cook. The post This Julia Child Series Is Coming to HBO Max—Here’s Your First Look appeared first on Taste of Home.

Dr Pepper Might Be Coming Out With Zero Sugar Versions In Three Flavors

Please let this be happening soon. 🙏

These recipes are on the table in 20 minutes or less

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. From simple pasta dishes and speedy stir-fries to quick salads and effortless soups, we’ve put together brilliant recipes that are quick to make and are guaranteed to hit the spot.

Why the vaccine rollout was a disaster

These are Business Insider's biggest healthcare stories for January 20.

This New-School Taquero Is Making L.A.’s Best Breakfast Burrito

How a former skateboard kid went from working at Yoshinoya to becoming one of the city’s most promising chefs.

You Should Air Fry Wet Tortellini

The air fryer is the perfect appliance for the discerning stoner. It’s speedy, with a super quick pre-heat time, and every single frozen treat I’ve put into it comes out crispier than its microwaved—or even baked!—counterparts. Pizza rolls, french fries, frozen egg rolls: All come out of the air fryer golden, hot, and munch-able.

The Biggest Danger Lurking in Your Slow Cooker, Say Health Experts

How to avoid the slow cooker temperature

As an Avid Thai Cook, I Had to Know: Is Store-Bought Curry Paste Ever Okay?

Those of you who dread breaking out the mortar and pestle might be pleased.

Marijuana vs Alcohol: Which Is the Better Vice for Parents?

The science has a strong preference in the best vice health and happiness.

Tinned foods you should always have in your pantry

A pantry that's well-stocked with canned foods makes life so much easier. They have a long shelf-life, are generally inexpensive, and can save you making endless trips to the shops. Canned food is still nutritious and it also counts towards your five-a-day. Check out our recipe ideas and you'll be inspired to fill up on your favorite tinned foods, and some new ones too.

Psychologists offer their best advice for how to change unhealthy dietary habits for good

To change dietary habits, psychologists recommend slow, gradual changes. Setting realistic goals is key to making life-long changes.

People Have Gotten Their Hands On The New Girl Scout Cookie Flavor And Totally Love The French Toast Taste

Cookies for breakfast!!!!

Meet The Zero Calorie Way To Energize Your Workouts

Meet The Zero Calorie Way To Energize Your Workouts

How does DoorDash work? Everything to know about the food delivery app powered by gig workers

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service that lets you order food from restaurants, which will then be delivered by freelance workers.

The best restaurant for delivery in your state right now

Here are our favorite restaurants that deliver in every state, including casual noodle bars and high-end steakhouses.

Beat the Receipt: $20 Pie Challenge

Natasha Pickowicz and Bryan Ford face off in this week’s episode of Beat the Receipt.

A Cognac from 1777 Will Go Up for Auction This Weekend

Featuring bottles from 1777, 1802, 1812, 1906, and 1914, the auction is expected to bring in over $135,000.

This is how long you can store your favorite foods for

Knowing how long you can safely keep food and drink can prevent illness. Food goes off quicker if it’s not stored correctly but when it is, it might last longer than you’d think. A quick look or smell will often be a good indication as to whether food is fine to consume but it's not always reliable. Here's our guide to how long your favourite foods should last and how to keep them safe according to the experts.

30 Best One-Pot Meal Recipes

Less cleanup? Yes, please.

Peloton instructor Ally Love's daily diet and workout regime will inspire you to get fit and healthy

Love's daily diet involves green juices and smoothies, but also her beloved curries, and her training regime is equally diverse and balanced.

6 Chambord Cocktails for When You're Craving Something Fruity and Refreshing

Mix up your at-home cocktails with a little classic raspberry liqueur.

The 3 Healthiest Types of Wine, According to Registered Dietitians

No, not an oxymoron. Here are the top RD-approved options for filling your glass.

Favorite foods of presidents past and present

Ever wondered what George Washington ate for breakfast – or what Abraham Lincoln feasted on each evening? How about Barack Obama’s favorite treats and snacks? From the preferred foods of Founding Fathers to Ronald Reagan’s penchant for jelly beans and Donald Trump’s dedication to McDonald's, here are some of the dishes and delights enjoyed by US presidents through the centuries.

How to Make Great Tempura at Home: Expert Tips From Chefs Atsushi Yokota and Nicholas Seider

The chefs behind Secchu Yokota guide us through the technique, ingredients, and everything you need to make the crispiest, most delicate tempura at home.

25 Vegetarian Passover Recipes You'll Look Forward to All Seder Long

These meatless Passover meals will be the perfect accompaniment to your holiday festivities.

Not All States Get the Same Version of Girl Scout Cookies. Here’s What You Should Know

The cookies come from two different bakeries, leading to different variations. Mind blown? Here's what you need to know.

Iconic sandwich shops that changed lunch forever

Historic Sandwich Shops

A 7-step plan Biden should follow to tackle COVID-19, according to a public health expert

Lawrence O. Gostin, director of the WHO Collaborating Center on Public Health Law & Human Rights, compiled an action plan for Biden.

These porridge toppings will keep you going all day

Healthy and nutritious, porridge can be served in so many ways, whether you like it sweet or savory, or made with oats, rice or quinoa. Read on for our tips and inspiration to make your breakfast something you'll want to spring out of bed for.

A Durable Cast-Iron Skillet Is the Only Pan You’ll Ever Need

These top-rated cast-iron skillets kill it.

Costco Is Selling MASSIVE Fudge Brownies The Size Of Your Head So Be Sure To Save Room For Dessert

That fudgy and crumbly top though!!!

They've been grappling with COVID-19 for a full year now. Here are their stories.

Residents, business owners, and frontline workers in Snohomish and King counties have been grappling with COVID-19 for a full year now.

240,000 Half-Pints Of Chocolate Milk Are Being Recalled Over Concerns They Contain Sanitizer

The recall affects places in Oklahoma and Texas.

These Nonstick Tools Have Upgraded My Baking For Good

From now on, I’m doing all of my baking with Silpat's non-stick pans and molds.

The 11 Buzziest Cooking Products Every Home Chef Should Own in 2021

There's an easy way to get excited about stepping up your game in the kitchen: buy yourself new supplies. It's a great way to look forward to making yourself a meal whether you're a chef extraordinaire or a new home cook. Don't believe us? Not to worry, we did the work for you. Brands like Our Place, Great Jones, Food52, Hedley & Bennett, and more have all sorts of cool releases that'll take your cooking to the next level. These products will not only make you look good in the kitchen, but they are also superuseful. Whether you want a versatile pan or a high-quality knife, our editors have you covered. Check out our favorite must haves, and get yourself a few. We've tested and reviewed many of these brilliant products ourselves, so they get our POPSUGAR stamp of approval.

Costco Is Now Selling a 1-POUND Jar of Creamy Dulce De Leche Spread

If you don't think you need an entire pound of Dulce de Leche spread, let us persuade you otherwise. The post You Absolutely Need This 1-Pound Jar of Costco Dulce De Leche Spread appeared first on Taste of Home.