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The Jews waited 4,000 years... for Crisco?

Any Jew will tell you that it’s hard to be a Jew, and that includes the Jews who arrived in America from Eastern Europe in the early 20th century. Yes, they were no longer persecuted or subjected to pogroms. Yes, they had religious freedom in the golden land of opportunity. And yes, they no longer had to subsist on a diet of potatoes. Still, there are always problems, and in the New World they were more existential. In the Old Country, Jews...

Bucket-list foods to try in each state

Bucket-List Food Experiences

These Crispy, Melty, Fresh, and Spicy Sandwiches Are the Ultimate Lunch Move

This crispy grilled sandwich layers spiced potatoes, a quick and herby blender chutney, cooling veg, and creamy cheese. Here's Epi contributor Tara O'Brady's take on the classic—whether you add potato chips inside is up to you.

7 fast-food chains that are thriving in the pandemic

Chains like Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, and McDonald's have seen success due to increased drive-thru sales and loyal customer bases.

All-Clad's famous VIP Factory Sale is back with huge savings on top-notch cookware

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Of all the many products our cooking team here at Reviewed has tested, All-Clad cookware consistently comes out at the top of the heap. As the maker of some of our favorite stainless-steel skillets, nonstick pans and more, the brand is well-known for its top-quality wares, but you’ll typically pay a pretty penny for...

Glow, Hydrate, and Embrace Your Beauty With Milk Makeup's 20 Best Products

Milk Makeup took the beauty world by storm with its unique packaging and stellar formulas.

McDonald's New Promo Is Offering Menu Items for 25 Cents

The chain is bringing us some Thursday throwbacks with their latest promotions available through the McDonald’s phone app.

Dangerous Side Effects of Eating Canned Tuna, According to Science

Knowing the potential dangers and how to avoid them may lure you back to making tunafish sandwiches for lunch once or twice a week.

The Most Expensive Whiskey to Seek Out, According to Master Distillers and Experts

If you had the money, which dream bottle would be on your list? Here's what a group of the finest minds in whiskey had to say.

Spicy Wing Recipes that will Boost Your Metabolism

Bring the heat to the dinner table with these hot wing recipes guaranteed to spice up your weeknights!

This Winter, Maximum Coziness Is an Evening Glass of Sweet Wine

Sweet elixirs to drink late into a winter night.

TV chefs share their best cooking tips and tricks

It was a hard job selecting the best but here are our favorite TV chefs’ cooking tips, from Ina Garten to Guy Fieri.

Cheap recipes for a healthier you in 2021

Healthy Recipes for 2021

'Impeachment' Vodka Is an Inauguration Celebration in a Bottle

The limited-run peachy liquor is a timely collector’s item for your bar cart.

I tried Jessica Biel's hack for a quick weeknight dinner, and I think I have a better trick

The actress shared a 20-minute recipe for nutritious, vegetarian soup, but I think I prefer to make regular roasted veggies over this thick puree.

Keto is good for controlling blood sugar, but a low-fat vegan diet is better for weight loss, study finds

A study led by NIH researcher Kevin Hall found that people may lose more weight on a low-fat, plant-based diet but have lower blood sugar eating keto.

Cheat Your Way to Perfect Bread With Dough Conditioners

Baking bread is an intimidating proposal for many people—and for good reason. There are so many variables at play, only some of which you can control. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a bread dough cheat code, I have great news: Such a thing exists, and it’s called a dough conditioner.

8 Discontinued Restaurant Dishes You Totally Forgot About

Time to take a trip to the land of the lost.

The wonderful story of how Wendy's conquered North America

Tipped as the third largest burger chain on the planet (trumped only by McDonald's and Burger King), Wendy's has been doling out delicious square-shaped hamburgers since the 1960s. But how did Wendy's go from a single Ohio restaurant to a fast-food titan with thousands of locations? Here, we dive back in time and reveal how this burger giant conquered North America.

'Fortnite' Orchard Farmers Market Location for Apple and Tomato Boxes in Week 8

"Fortnite" Week 8 Challenges send players to the Orchard Farmers Market to destroy apple and tomato produce boxes. In this guide, we'll show you where they're located.

Chrissy Teigen Is One Of Only 13 People That President Joe Biden’s Account Follows On Twitter

"I should prob never tweet again," she joked after the follow.

Tinned foods you should always have in your pantry

A pantry that's well-stocked with canned foods makes life so much easier. They have a long shelf-life, are generally inexpensive, and can save you making endless trips to the shops. Canned food is still nutritious and it also counts towards your five-a-day. Check out our recipe ideas and you'll be inspired to fill up on your favorite tinned foods, and some new ones too.

Freezer-friendly meals that will always taste fresh

Best Freezer-Friendly Meals

In Defense Of Not Cooking Every Night

Allow us to introduce you to a slightly delayed and unexpected new year’s resolution: the promise not to cook every night. Although a lofty goal, planning to concoct a fresh meal every night of the week seems to be a slightly unattainable endeavor. There are too many variables to consider: Do I have all the ingredients I need? Do I have time to cut endless vegetables, cook them, clean the kitchen and do it all over again tomorrow? What should I...

How to Make Brownies Better, with Secrets from Our Test Kitchen

We all want to know how to make better brownies—you know the kind with the crinkly top and the fudgy center. Our Test Kitchen pros let you in on their tips for the best-ever brownies. The post How to Make Brownies Better, with Secrets from Our Test Kitchen appeared first on Taste of Home.

What Happens to Your Body When You Eat Canned Foods

Are they actually unhealthy for you? We asked the experts.

How to Make Microwave Fudge In a Snap

Calling all chocoholics! We'll show you how to make microwave fudge in just five easy steps. The post How to Make Microwave Fudge appeared first on Taste of Home.

Quick & Easy Pork Recipes to Save Your Weeknights

Get some pork on your fork, and fast with these great weeknight recipes.

Explore Tasmania through these spectacular photos

Tasmania, an island state off the southeastern coast of Australia, is home to some of the country's most beautiful places. Take a virtual tour of the highlights through these 25 photos.

How to Make Old-Fashioned Fudge

No need to head to the candy store. We'll show you how to make fudge that's rich, creamy and decadent. The post How to Make Fudge the Old-Fashioned Way appeared first on Taste of Home.

15 delicious dumplings from around the world

Dumplings from Around the World

IHOP's new burritos show the importance of to-go options with fewer commuters stopping for breakfast on the way to work

IHOP's new dishes are an attempt to attract more takeout customers after the chain announced it would close 100 locations.

From the Dietitian: Boost your immune system with a tasty smoothie bowl

For a smoothie bowl, you can mix the smoothie and then choose your favorite topper for it.

6 Easy Tricks to Cut Food Waste and Save Money

Turn your trash into treasure with these easy money-saving tricks!

Favorite foods of presidents past and present

Ever wondered what George Washington ate for breakfast – or what Abraham Lincoln feasted on each evening? How about Barack Obama’s favorite treats and snacks? From the preferred foods of Founding Fathers to Ronald Reagan’s penchant for jelly beans and Donald Trump’s dedication to McDonald's, here are some of the dishes and delights enjoyed by US presidents through the centuries.

Boston Market is staging a big comeback by opening two new restaurants per week

Remember the golden days of Boston Market? I was a teenager then, and I remember for a while the big push to make it the next big thing. Then, later, everything fizzled out, and the chain shrank, big time.

Sweet and savory: peanut butter recipes you need to make

Peanut butter is a pantry essential, not just for spreading on toast or in sandwiches. It's so versatile – you can use it in both sweet and savory dishes. From easy smoothies to cookies and cakes, it's also great with noodles, spicy satay sauces and salads. Here are our favorite peanut butter recipes to inspire you.

This delicious Super Bowl wings recipe is fast, easy & cheap

Save money and make perfect coffee at home with these hacks

Know your mocha from your macchiato? With coffee the most popular drink in the world behind water, chances are you’ve dabbled with the brown nectar of the gods and brewed your own at least once. If you want to discover just how good it can be follow these tips for coffee perfection at home.

Coffee? Yep, there a subscription for that

If coffee is your passion, or at least what keeps you propped up for all the stuff you need to do, subscribe to one of these services for high quality and total convenience.

McDonald's workers share what the 'buttons' on its drink lids mean

The revelation came to light on Reddit when a confused customer from the UK asked McDonald's staff for an explanation, after seeing the buttons numbered 1 and 2, no caff, diet/light on their lid.

These recipes are on the table in 20 minutes or less

After a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen. From simple pasta dishes and speedy stir-fries to quick salads and effortless soups, we’ve put together brilliant recipes that are quick to make and are guaranteed to hit the spot.

10 things you need if you're trying the Mediterranean diet

— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission. Time and time again, the Mediterranean diet has been named the healthiest way of eating, according to U.S. News & World Report. Many would argue, however, that it's not much of a diet at all. That's because at its core, it's an eating pattern that has been practiced by those who live in the Mediterranean region for...

Find RV campsites at wineries, farms, and other fun spots

Cool RV Camping Apps & Websites

32 Cult Favorite Items From Costco

Like an eight-foot-tall teddy bear, for one.

Trader Joe's Most Popular Item Is This $2 Sweet Chili Sauce

It's the top purchase in 13 different states!

7 dietitian-approved high protein breakfasts that have helped me lose fat and gain muscle

From pancakes to baked oats, a protein-rich and tasty breakfast will help you start the day feeling great and get closer to your fitness goals.

Easy soup recipes that last for days

Cheap and Easy Soup Recipes

What Is Sticky Rice?

What is sticky rice, and can you make it with any variety of white rice? The post What Is Sticky Rice? appeared first on Taste of Home.

Costco is Bringing This Beloved Treat Back to the Food Court

One of the most loved items on the Costco food court menu is the churros, and according to an Instagram post, they may be coming back soon.