Fantastic ideas for flourless cakes and bakes

It’s not as difficult as you might think to create a sweet treat if you've run out of all-purpose flour and can’t get to the supermarket during lockdown, or there's none on the shelves. We’ve got great ideas for bakes that don't require the white stuff, from pavlovas and pies to cookies and crumble.

Your state's top Mexican and what to order there

Mexican cuisine is among the most popular in the US, whether that means the best fish tacos from a truck or pretty, modern and flavor-packed dishes. From favorite spots for tacos to long-running neighborhood joints and acclaimed restaurants serving regional Mexican cuisine, here are the best places to eat Mexican food in every US state. Due to COVID-19, be sure to check local travel restrictions, including state travel advisories, and individual restaurant websites for dine-in, takeout and delivery options before you visit.

This is the most popular fast food in every state

Which fast food chain is the most popular in your state? A well-known drive-in venue ranked surprisingly well, often muscling out big names like McDonald's, Burger King, and Taco Bell.

Surviving Sickle Cell

A closer look at a patient’s transplant journey to becoming sickle cell free

30 Sunday Dinners for Summer in 30 Minutes

30 best early Prime Day 2021 deals to shop now

Multiple retailers are gearing up for major deals on Prime Day 2021 — here are the best early deals going on now.

10 Light, No-Bake Pies We're Making All Summer Long

These easy, no-bake pies are a refreshing way to end a summer meal. Find lightened-up favorites that won't weigh you down. The post 10 Light, No-Bake Pies Perfect for Summer appeared first on Taste of Home.

Eerie abandoned restaurants and grocery stores in America

From an empty McDonald’s to a deserted Kmart, these ransacked restaurants, derelict diners, forgotten food courts and ghostly grocery stores will give you chills.

Slow cooker recipes that will save you time

Who doesn’t like the idea of sitting down to a ready-prepared meal that’s been cooking while you work or play? Whether you're after an easy dish to make for a big household, something to batch-cook or just a meal with minimum hands-on time, we've got a slow cooker recipe for you. Here are our favorite sweet and savory slow-cook saviors.

50 habits that are keeping you from saving

It’s all too easy to fall into bad money habits, but, over the long term, the consequences can be devastating to your financial health, making it impossible for you to own a home or retire. Here are 50 habits that might be keeping you from saving—and how to break them.

I made a famous chef's 3-ingredient mac and cheese, and it rivaled the classic boxed version

Boxed macaroni and cheese is a special kind of comfort food, but I wanted to see if I could make a quick version from scratch that was just as good.

20 tips to avoid high grocery bills

In 2021, the average annual cost of groceries will increase by $695 according to Canada’s Food Price Report. Will your budget be able to absorb this spike? Here are a few tips to help you cope.

How to recreate American restaurant classics at home

Get inspiration from these meals that can be created in the comfort of your own kitchen without sacrificing the flavor.

This $20 Pan Lets You Cook Three Types of Lasagna at Once—& It's Finally Back In Stock on Amazon

When it comes to the best tips and tricks of the kitchen, there’s one instant hack that will elevate even the most novice of chef’s cooking: stocking up on quality kitchen tools. Ask any pro chef and they’ll list off their favorite brand-name pots and pans. Unfortunately for us, those gadgets don’t always fit into

These are America's favorite candy bars

We've gone back in history to revisit the best bars the nation has enjoyed over the years including some discontinued favorites.

The Best Early Amazon Prime Day Deals To Shop Right Now

The early bird gets the Le Creuset.

The top cake shop in every state

Whatever the occasion – wedding, birthday, graduation or baby shower – you’re going to need a good cake. These shops make exceptional creations, from candy-inspired cakes and tropical fruit wonders to incredible, multi-tiered Champagne-spiked constructions. Read on to find the best cake shop in your state. Due to COVID-19, be sure to check local travel restrictions, including state travel advisories, and individual shop websites for eat in, takeout and delivery options before you visit.

Delicious dinners from your freezer's forgotten foods

Whip up your odds and ends into these 30 fabulous recipes, from great bakes and tasty main courses to speedy mid-week dinners.

John Stamos' Favorite Salad At Disney Is A Recreation Of An Old Hollywood Classic

It's loaded with goodies.

Showstopping cakes to bake for any occasion

Whether you're new to baking, or a dab hand at cake-making, there is a cake for every celebration, afternoon tea or birthday. We've assembled a collection of 50 of our favorites, from easy bakes, such as carrot cake, chocolate cake and a classic Victoria sponge, to recipes which require a bit more time and effort. Plus we've plenty of tips and tricks for you to achieve perfect results every time too.

Our Most Succulent Sweet and Sour Cherry Recipes

These stone fruits don't disappoint.

Learn to Make Kakiage Tempura: The Delicious Way My Mother Got Her Children to Eat Vegetables

This crunchy, airy shrimp-and-vegetable tempura is what my mother served to us children, as well as honored guests.

This is the tastiest pie in your state

Melt-in-your-mouth crust, indulgent filling and a satisfying whipped cream or ice cream finish... Is there anyone who doesn't love a good pie?

Kevin Hart's daughter, 16, told him to be careful about what he says: 'She checked me'

Hart got candid with Will Smith during a special Father's Day “Red Table Talk” about discussing scandals with his kids.

Delightful Sunday Funday Desserts

Make the best of your weekend with these fun desserts.

This is your state's best pizza joint

The best pizza restaurants that are open right now - whether for dine-in, takeout or curbside pick-up.

The best delivery joint in every state right now

If you’re sick of your own cooking but don’t feel comfortable eating out just yet, it’s time to order restaurant-quality food in. Here’s a list of our favorite restaurants that deliver in every state, including casual noodle bars and high-end steakhouses, so you can eat your most-loved meals from the comfort of your living room. Be sure to check individual restaurant websites for the latest opening hours and offerings.

Cherry Hand Pies Are As Sweet and Unstructured As The Perfect Summer Day

Think: all the jammy goodness but in portable pastry form.

Every State's Signature Dishes—Ranked

When you're thinking about what to eat from a nutrition standpoint, how do classic state dishes stack up? We've got an official ranking here.

Root beer & sun tea: The Midwest's most iconic beverages

Pepsi and Mountain Dew Are Being Sued By This Coffee Company

Following the launch of Mountain Dew's drink for morning caffeine cravings, a small cold brew brand has engaged PepsiCo in a bitter fight.

Easy Italian recipes to try this weekend

Italian food is all about taking the best quality ingredients and cooking them simply. There's so much more to it than pizza and pasta, much as we love them. Discover more recipes from easy starters and soups, mains and divine desserts. Eat like an Italian at home today, by following our inspired ideas.

These fast food secrets will surprise you

Did you know you can order a quesadilla-burrito hybrid at Chipotle? Or not all footlong subs are 12 inches (30cm)? There's more than meets the eye to your favourite fast food restaurants. From secret menu items to royal owners, here are amazing facts that will make your jaw drop.

This Is the Best Coffee for Weight Loss, Says an Expert

With evidence showing coffee revs up metabolism, a registered dietitian has just revealed the one coffee drink that is ideal for weight loss.

The Best Recipes to Satisfy Your Takeout Cravings

We fully encourage supporting local restaurants who are able to provide takeout and delivery services during these trying times, but in case your favorite spot is closed, you can try making your favorite dishes at home.

This Behind-the-Scenes Secret at Chick-fil-A Is Stunning Customers

Chick-fil-A fans were shocked that some restaurants use a conveyor belt system to move orders around behind the scenes.

30 things you didn’t know about White Castle

Lovers of fast food and especially the venerable fast food chain White Castle may think they know everything there is to know about it and its menu — but for a company dating back nearly 100 years, there’s plenty more to unpack.

This State Is Experiencing a Spike in Foodborne Illness, Health Department Warns

One state health department is calling on restaurants to be more vigilant of food servers' hand hygiene after a rise in norovirus cases.

Easy Treats to Bake When You've Run Out of Eggs

Whether you’re vegan, allergic to eggs, or simply fresh out of this baking staple, there’s a recipe here to come to your rescue. Best of all—you can lick the bowl guilt-free.

Your state's tastiest cheeseburger

With just three components – a beef patty, burger bun and cheese slice – cheeseburgers are pretty simple. But there are many different ways restaurants can go, from using American or Swiss cheese to a brioche or potato roll. Here we take a look at the cheesiest, most flavorful creations in America – read on to find the best cheeseburger in every state. Due to COVID-19, be sure to check local travel restrictions, including state travel advisories, and individual restaurant websites for dine-in, takeout and delivery options before you visit.

Eating A to Z: Make your way through the Alphabet Diet

The Alphabet Diet is a cooking and eating challenge where, every day for 26 days, a person only eats foods that start with a particular letter of the alphabet—apples and artichokes on Day 1, bagels and blueberries on Day 2 and so forth. It’s not a weight loss method, but it can be used to add variety to your diet, and to your recipe book if you enjoy cooking. Read on for 26 days of inspiration if you plan to take on this challenge yourself.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in America, According to Yelp

Yelp has recently compiled a list of the 25 best seafood restaurants in America.

This is the one sweet treat you should never eat before bed

I'm a Dietitian & These Are My Favorite Time-Saving Instant Pot Dinners

If you’re short on time or money (or both), these recipes are for you.

20 innovative products that can help you reduce household waste

The tastiest hot dog in your state

The home of the hot dog, America has some of the tastiest sausage and bun creations across the globe. But which are top dog? We reveal the best hot dog joint in every state.

30 cheese recipes you've got to try

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who doesn't like cheese. We all have our preferences: stringy, melted mozzarella, the tang of a sharp blue cheese or the salty kick from Parmesan. From cheesy classics to some new ideas, plus a few desserts too, these are some of our favorite cheese recipes.

27 Side Dishes You'll Want to Make All Summer Long

Why Red Food & Drinks Are Consumed on Juneteenth & 9 Recipes You Can Make at Home

When we hear the words Independence Day, most of us think of the 4th of July, the day America gained its freedom from Great Britain. But there’s another Freedom Day that is not as well-known, though it holds even greater significance to many African Americans. Juneteenth, Freedom Day or even Jubilee Day is the day

These Are All the Best Deals Happening on Amazon Prime Day 2021

Presenting all of our top recommendations and expert picks.