Pepsi Blue, The Berry-Flavored Soda, Is Reportedly Coming Back To Shelves

Who remembers this limited-edition soda?

Can you lose weight on the Mediterranean diet?

While it isn’t intended to be a weight-loss plan, following the diet may be a realistic and sustainable way to lose weight.

The best microwaves: This way for buttery popcorn and tempting leftovers

Is there anything as wonderful as a machine that can defrost meat and make a mug-cake in under three minutes? Here’s how to find the best microwave for you so you can get cooking, fast.

The Best Soup for Your Zodiac Sign, According to an Astrologer

Soup's on! And we have the best one for your sign.

Pierre Thiam makes Poulet Mafé | Food & Wine Cooks

In Senegal at the Keur Moussa monastery, a typical meal includes poulet mafé, a thick peanut sauce with chicken, root vegetables, and cabbage served over rice, fonio, or millet couscous. For chef Pierre Thiam it's the ultimate comfort food.

Yeti Is Having a Rare Sale on Some of Its Best-Selling Mugs and Tumblers

Prices start at just $15.

Easy soup recipes that last for days

Cheap and Easy Soup Recipes

14 Cookies You Can Make Without a Stand Mixer

18 High-Protein Dinners That Are Budget-Friendly

American Airlines is desperately trying to offload extra plane wine

The pandemic has taken a lot from us. Time with loved ones, social interaction, economic stability, and... drinking fancy wine on planes? Airlines are doing way less business than usual, CNN reports, and the majority have banned in-flight booze to reduce the amount of time flight attendants have to spend interacting with customers. (I suspect this is also to reduce in-flight debauchery.) That means there’s a lot of designated airplane wine with...

Dakota Johnson Admitted To Lying About Loving Limes In Her Viral Apartment Tour Video

She's literally ALLERGIC to them!!

The Scoop on Chia Seed Benefits and How to Start Cooking with Them Right Now

Here’s everything you wanted to know about these tiny trendy seeds that are packed with nutrition.

This Ice Tray For Cookie Dough Helps You Portion Out Your Homemade Cookie Dough

Never throw out stale cookies again.

Show Your Sweetie Some Love This Valentine’s Day with the Cutest Succulent Cookies

They're (almost) too pretty to eat!

A Week On Unemployment In Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we’re tracking every last dollar. Do you identify as a man and have you always wanted to write a Money Diary? While now is your chance! Send us an email to [email protected] with your age, location, job title, and salary for a chance to be featured in an...

The Best Deals to Score This Weekend, Including Discounted Le Creuset

Because new cookware might just remedy that winter cooking rut.

Five Foods You Can Do Almost Anything With

If you’re just learning to cook or you’re on a tight budget, it’s a good idea to make your pantry staples a set of ingredients that you can mix and match into multiple dishes without getting bored of them. They don’t have to be a huge part of each meal, but they can offer you enough flexibility that you’ll never be short on meal ideas. Here are a few with those properties.

Costco Sells Sriracha Ketchup That You Will Absolutely Be Putting On Everything From Here On Out

Add a little bit of spice to your life.

Make These Simple But Essential Game Day Snacks for Under $12

Football season presents a great excuse to party with your friends, even if your interest in football is limited to eating jalapeno poppers in front of a TV. There are plenty of easy gameday snacks...

I Tried Oreo's New Double Stuf Gluten-Free Cookies, and I Was Pleasantly Surprised

In 2011, I was cursed developed a gluten intolerance (aka an aversion to everything delicious), which means I haven't had an Oreo in nearly 10 years.

Forget frying, this is the easiest way to make wings

We love chicken wings any day of the year, it doesn’t even have to be football season. But, since we’re just days away from the NFL conference championships and two weeks from Super Bowl Sunday, this game day favorite is 100% on our minds. Buffalo Chicken Dip, Nachos and More Game Day Snack Recipes There’s just one little problem with making chicken wings at home: It’s messy! Frying wings uses oodles of oil, can be temperamental and has the...

The 11 Most Anticipated Cookbooks Of 2021

Pasta and matzah and more carbs, oh my.

Dunkin’ Is Test Selling Premade Salads In Portable Jars At A Few Locations

Salad + donut = balance.

The Civil Rights Movement had pie fundraisers. This chef wants to continue that legacy

"What MLK did was wonderful, but the women were running the operations!" said chef Nadine Nelson.

4,000+ Pounds of Sausage Are Being Recalled, FSIS Announces

Roughly 4,200 pounds of Bob Evans Farms' pork sausage is being recalled, because it could contain pieces of thin blue rubber.

11 of Ina Garten’s Most Delicious Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Ah, Valentine’s Day: You either celebrate it or you actively protest the holiday. Or maybe you just don’t have any strong feelings either way and go about your life without planning a damn thing. But for those of you who do plan to partake, the day usually consists of a surprise bouquet of roses and

12 Best Mardi Gras Drinks That Are Famous in New Orleans

No yardstick required.

Editor's Note: Why a Recipe Is More Than a Recipe

And how a mistake leads to a conversation.

Chick-fil-A Is Rolling Out A New Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich For A Limited Time

Introducing your new go-to order.

How To Kick the Bad Money Habits That Cost You the Most

Don't let these bad habits hurt your future.

The 1960s foods we fell in love with

The swinging Sixties were a time of social transformation and innovation which was reflected in the foods we ate. From pre-packaged treats such as Snack Packs and SpaghettiOs to luxurious seafood dinners and extravagant desserts, these foods became fashionable in the 1960s.

6 salads you should always order and 6 you can probably skip, according to chefs

Caesar and house salads may seem like a safe choice, but professional chefs recommend ordering panzanella, Cobb, or arugula salad instead.

You Should Add Baking Soda to Your Ground Meat

Aesthetically speaking, ground meat is not the most pleasing of animal proteins. When raw, it is all squishy and speckled, and more often than not, cooking it just transforms the pink, soft stuff into grey, nubby stuff.

Walmart Accused of Mislabeling Several Food Products, Complaint Says

A complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission alleges that Walmart advertized products online as "Made in the USA" that contain "imported components."

Chick-fil-A Just Debuted a New Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Courtesy of Chick-fil-A If Chick-fil-A's new Grilled Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich sounds familiar, it's because it is. The controversial chicken chain began testing the fiery sandwich recipe in select markets way back in 2017. Two years later, it updated us with news that spicy menu items were still undergoing a trial run, and last year, it teased us again. Now, finally, chicken chasers nationwide can taste it for themselves. The highlight of...

Amazon Is Having A MASSIVE Sale On Lodge Cast-Iron Cookware With Up To 55% Off

Dutch ovens and cast-iron skillets and all that good stuff!!!

Eating Foods With This Flavor May Bring Back Your Appetite After COVID

New York Times restaurant critic, Tejal Rao, attributes regaining her appetite to the distinctive flavor found in Sichuan cuisine.

4,200 Pounds of Pork Sausage Recalled Due to Reports That It Contains Rubber

Shutterstock If your sausages have been extra chewy lately, we might know the culprit. Ohio-based meat manufacturer Bob Evans has announced a recall involving more than two tons of pork sausage after receiving consumer complaints that the product contained foreign materials, according to an alert from the US Department of Agriculture. The objects have been identified as pieces of thin blue rubber, and while all 4,200 pounds of the recalled pork...

Giada De Laurentiis' Pork Burgers Are Topped With a Cheese You'd Never Expect

If you’re craving a juicy burger, but not just any burger, then you need to try Giada De Laurentiis’ latest creation. It’s a flavor-packed pork burger (yes, pork!) topped with a totally unexpected cheese: Taleggio, which s a semisoft cheese with a mild, yet flavorful taste. The celebrity chef’s Tuscan Pork Smash Burgers look absolutely

Frank's RedHot Sauce Will Soon Come in a Sandwich-Ready 'Slice' Form

"Slice of Sauce" is finally ready to bring its "no-mess" condiments, including ketchup, sriracha, and Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce to the masses.

Let these Peanut Butter Marshmallows upstage your mug of hot cocoa

I kind of hate marshmallows. I know, I’m a freak. I’ve never enjoyed a breakfast of Count Chocula, I’ve rejected every Mallomar I’ve been offered, and I cannot find an ounce of joy in Rice Krispies treats. Though I enjoy the whimsy and springy softness of marshmallows, I am always undone by their aggressive sweetness. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to partake in our cultural enthusiasm for things like Lucky Charms and Peeps!

Ree Drummond Brews Up New Pioneer Woman Coffee Line

We’ve got our eyes on that pecan pie flavor!

Some fasting advocates say you can sneak food into the diet without sacrificing the health benefits, but others aren't so sure

Bulletproof CEO Dave Asprey tells Insider that his new book is a blueprint for getting the benefits of a fast without going hungry.

Approximate a Yellow Parrot With Pernod

I love trying new cocktails, and nothing annoys me more acutely than almost having all the ingredients I need to make one of them. Sadly, this is the exact situation I found myself in this week when my friend Dan sent me a recipe for the Yellow Parrot, an extremely booze-heavy (and not very cost-effective) three-ingredient libation.

Every state’s best sports bar

Other than a stadium, a sports bar is the most fun place you can be on game day. Here's our pick of the best in every state in the USA.

Ramekins for souffles, salsas, and more

A+ for culinary cuteness.

Subway reportedly closed 10% of its stores last year as the fast-food chain struggles with pandemic restrictions and slumping sales

Subway, the biggest fast-food chain in the world, has been closing more stores than it opens since 2016.

Biden and Trump teams blame each other for firing of White House usher

White House Chief Usher Timothy Harleth was gone from his job before Joe and Jill Biden arrived at the White House on Inauguration Day with Biden team and Trump team blaming other.

Chick-Fil-A Just Announced a New Chicken Sandwich

The fast-food chain is debuting the Chick-fil-A Grilled Spicy Chicken Deluxe Sandwich and Cilantro Lime Sauce starting Monday, Jan. 25, in select markets.

KitKat Thins Are Being Spotted At Walmart Ahead Of Their Intended Release

They're even CRISPIER.